Zheng Shuang every girl wants her husband to be a little girl huangshexiaoshuo

Zheng Shuang: every girl wants her husband when the little girl loved Zheng Shuang hope that the future husband himself when the little girl was 44 years old. "Pan Jinlian" Yangcheng Evening News September 29th yen value plummeted 7:30 TV tonight, "smiled very little" in the Shenzhen TV broadcast of the two round, the actress Zheng Shuang yesterday to accept a reporter the interview, talking with actor Yang Yang filming kiss when the pressure, also in explaining the role of love view at the same time, take out your love for trouble. She said: "every girl wants her husband to be a little girl!" "I don’t want the people I love and the people I care about to be attacked by public opinion!"…… Finally, Zheng Shuang bluntly will not say more about the feelings of the matter, I hope their love to be protected. Be slightly too perfect, I am more down to earth in "smiled very little" in Zheng Shuang’s Bay slightly perfect, good learning, good heart, good looks, from English and computer department two Ba university male god pursuit…… Zheng Shuang felt quite unlike slightly and shellfish: "I now have more like" summer solstice "in the summer, more down to earth, in adolescence, we are not so confident, will feel not good enough, not so good, so the sun Bei slightly!" Zheng Shuang bluntly, some filming intimate scenes made her quite uncomfortable: "we are likely to see love kiss, but to shoot this movie will make my day very impulsive. I want to take all the drama don’t kiss, feeling more than I could bear the pressure!" The shell tiny is ridicule, from small to large was distribute leaflets show ", Zheng Shuang said he received the confession letter will be very tense:" primary school, received a music card, my first reaction was rushed to the Restroom tear it up, and then tell the teacher." Although the intimate scenes make Zheng Shuang embarrassed, but in the face of handsome Yang Yang, she was also softened: "when filming, sometimes will be Yang Yangshuai!" She praised Yang Yang Xiao Nai that doesn’t exist in reality character interpretation is very good, but for slightly and Bei Xiao Nai in love, her attitude is "no love, no choice, no objection": "I personally do not love love, but love is very suitable for this era, there are all kinds of pressure, the burden, but not easy to see each other in reality true. However, love is two words carefully." I hope the future husband, when I was a little girl to talk about the reality of the pet with the other half of the model, Zheng Shuang said: every girl wants her husband to be a little girl when you love it! Sometimes I also like a mother like a boyfriend." However, when it comes to the current emotional state, Zheng Shuang some excitement: I do not want their loved ones, people who care about being attacked by public opinion. I am accustomed to a variety of evaluation, criticism, no big deal; but once the public opinion of the people I care about, I have to refute, had to maintain." Since the end of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han’s love, new love never silent, "we wonder why I never excuse? Because I don’t want to cause an argument. All I’m trying to do is to be able to live in a peaceful, warm place, I’m not going to make any noise相关的主题文章: