Xi Jinping meets with Portuguese Prime Minister Costa tinyos

Xi Jinping meets with Portuguese Prime Minister Costa in October 8th, President of the Beijing in the Great Hall of the people in met with Portuguese Prime Minister, mr.. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ye photo Beijing, October,   ( ); (reporter Li Weihong) Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Portuguese Prime Minister 8 at the Great Hall of the people on, 8. Xi Jinping welcomed Costa to visit China and attend the China – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum of the fifth ministerial conference. Xi Jinping pointed out that the friendly exchanges between the two peoples has a long history. Over the past 37 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, mutual understanding and respect, mutual trust and support are the main themes of the development of bilateral relations. In recent years, the frequent high-level contacts and fruitful pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges and colorful, maintain close coordination in major international and regional affairs, comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries continuously enrich the connotation. Xi Jinping stressed that China should maintain high-level exchanges in all areas and consolidate the momentum of strategic mutual trust. The two countries should continue to understand and support each other’s core interests and major concerns. The two sides should deepen investment cooperation, open up a broader market. China is willing to promote more enterprises to invest in Portugal, and the expansion of investment by the financial and insurance, health care, infrastructure and other fields. The two sides should face the future and promote cooperation in the field of marine. China supports the Portuguese to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" initiative, encouraging both sides to strengthen the construction of marine scientific research, port logistics and other blue economy cooperation. The two sides should strengthen dialogue between civilizations, promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of humanities, education and other fields, the spirit of friendship. China is willing to work together with the countries of the world, including Portugal, to promote exchanges and learning from different civilizations, so that the world more colorful. Xi Jinping pointed out that the overall development of relations between China and the EU is good, China EU cooperation in the field of global economic governance broad. China firmly supports the European integration process. Hope that Portugal will play a greater role in promoting China EU economic and trade relations in various areas such as smooth and healthy development. Costa said that Portugal has a long history of contacts with china. The Portuguese side of China admiration for the achievements of reform and development. In recent years, relations between Portugal and China have developed in depth, the two sides have maintained close high-level exchanges, economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges continue to strengthen and maintain good communication and cooperation in multilateral areas. I am willing to visit, deepen all-round cooperation in promoting the "Portuguese, The Belt and Road under the framework of cooperation, especially cooperation in energy, finance, power, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, culture, tourism and other fields. Portugal is willing to promote the development of EU China relations play an active and constructive role. State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended the meeting. SourcePh" style=" " > 43 million yuan, the construction of a vertical underground construction of a multi dimensional garage of Shandong ocean parking company, by the end of last year, the two governments to guide the fund injection 40. 2 billion 400 million yuan, Inner Mongolia recently won the national PPP project investment guide fund.   2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, according to Qing group private data show that by the end of 2015, the number of government guidance funds close to 800, the total assets of the scale of the management;相关的主题文章: