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Wonderful wedding planning ideas to make your wedding a wonderful end to the bride and groom in the wedding, a scene the most want to see is "guests during the party continue to watch", because it means that their wedding let guests feel bored. The following small series to introduce to the guests not boring wedding planning ideas, with a look. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 1: at the wedding rehearsal when the wedding will introduce the guests two families and their friends to bring together – this usually means that a large group of strangers awkwardly trying to communicate. The solution is to invite relatives and guests from outside to attend the rehearsal dinner as an ice breaker, and introduce each other with a common interest. (the uncle is top gun fans? Can clearly be he and your fiance fighter pilot cousin link). And at the rehearsal, your guests will be cut at the formal wedding eve in a more relaxed atmosphere, and (probably) keep the exchange until the party above. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 2: follow the plan no one love things will be close to the military (especially when it comes to your elderly relatives and conflict), but you also don’t want to shoot you only in the formal wedding photos for the guests around the city. This is the origin of cocktail time. Set a lounge or shade yard to your guests for the exchange, and drinks in these areas are ready, a lot of snacks, you can sit down the chair, or even add some music to improve mood, and keeping the whole party atmosphere has been active. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 3: don’t let the guests go hungry two words: before dinner. Even if you are in the banquet prepared a feast, but in your guests waiting for you and your partner in the hall of the time, which is still a good idea to prepare some snacks to fill their stomach, lest your guests have tired and fretful mood. Mini Chicken Pie, a wine, vegetable skewers, and even fried macaroni and cheese balls is a great choice (a port will be able to solve the dishes, so guests can eat when not to delay the chat). Your guests will recover in celebration of spirit — and will prepare the food for these more grateful. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas: 4 to develop a plan to exit if you really want to love you in the guests enjoy the wedding, after the wedding they will arrange the transportation home safely. Some people will arrange their dinner in a large restaurant in the hotel and will make a reservation for the guests, while some will ask for a shuttle bus overnight. This extra consideration will allow guests to relax freely without having to worry about how to get home safely after the wedding. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 5: consider the venue location of course, you can determine your budget is a major factor in what place the wedding, but the choice of an interesting position to keep your wedding guests get happy helpful. Many science museums are willing to let you rent their exhibition area, the zoo also has.相关的主题文章: