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Travel-and-Leisure A mesmerizing coastal city located on the South East corner of Queensland just south of Brisbane, Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist spots of Australia and even the world. This fantabulous city boasts of a long coastal line extending over 30 km. It .prises various spectacular beaches and areas that run along the coast and extend inland. The best way to explore the entire coastline is by renting a car in Gold Coast. If you start driving from south to the north then the first place that you will .e across is Coolangatta. This sleepy tinsel town of the region is also home to one of the most popular surfing beach in the south. Then there is Kirra Point that is a famous surfing break point and offers excellent waves for all abilities. The Currumbin region consists of – the Currumbin Palm Beach that offers gentle surfs and rock pools and is perfect for family outings, and the Currumbin Creek that has excellent fishing facilities. Moreover, with cheap car rentals, Gold Coast exploration wont be a tiresome and costly affair. If you drive further more then you will .e across the famous Burleigh Heads. Whereby you can enjoy the spectacular view of the entire city from Burleigh Headland, get familiar with the natural wild life at the Burleigh Head National Park, or just take a small stroll along the shore. Just a small drive from here is the happening Miami beach that offers incredible views from the cliff tops and a variety of recreational activities. Then there is the world famous Surfers Paradise, which also happens to be the heart of the Golden City. Being the best surfing beach in the country and the centre for all events, this place keeps up with the its name. If you are looking for a family day out, then Narrow Neck and Main Beach is the right place for you as these beaches not only makes for an ideal swimming place for kids but also offers excellent surfing conditions for adults as well. On the north of the Main Beach lies The Spit, a famous open ocean beach that boasts of a large jetty. If you aspire for a luxurious vacation, then do visit the South Port Broadwater, which is a spectacular resort featuring splendid beach and attractive parkland. With the benefit of cheap car rental, Gold Coast will truly provide you memories for a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: