William Chan high heat swept the work of this summer’s stunning endorsement continued (video) ghost observer

William Chan swept the high heat this summer works amazing speak constantly William Chan interview: fans sound Tencent entertainment news this summer destined to belong to the big Buddha, William Chan on the hit drama "old nine door" once again become the focus of audience perspective, also opened a summer hot screen rhythm at. The most representative film masterpiece "old nine door"; first solo concert tour "Inside Me"; continuously strong big endorsement; pack variety broke, let William Chan become the hottest media and businesses chasing hot objects, each variety show is also continues to offer. "Old nine door" has aired network playback volume has nearly ten billion times, "Nine" related topic is already exceeded 10 billion the amount of reading, let William Chan become Buddha masterpiece topic in 2016 the most representative tags at the same time, but also because William Chan Super Fans effect to achieve a win-win situation. Popularity is even more popular in William Chan’s first solo concert, "Inside Me" to reach the peak. Whether the Beijing Railway Station or ShangHai Railway Station, tickets have already sold out for several days in advance. The light pink flowers, 000 people sing in unison with the queen All seats are occupied. venues, very shocking. The song of the concert video is not only crazy brush circle of friends, but also to set up the background of micro-blog hot search list. Film and television works has been recognized to sing stage conquering everyone let William Chan has become a popular entertainer. William Chan in 2016, is destined to be extraordinary. A popular artist William Chan in the merchant’s eyes is a natural candidate. 919 evening, William Chan airborne music fans to become a better life Nestle coffee spokesperson, beats work together to create a new product open Tmall super brand, and other major commercial cooperation. I believe in the new "grand track", "bombing", "legend" Tiemuzhen in succession after the broadcast, William Chan will bring us more surprises.相关的主题文章: