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UnCategorized Belly dancing brought to America a never ending argument by some when trying to date exactly when America saw this style of dance. However, no matter what the year or the day was, it has certainly brought a side of culture and tradition that dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. This beautiful way of movement, has brought history and a little piece of the Middle East over to the western world and although no one was quite sure how to handle it at first and was scorned upon by the folk in the upper class elite however, it was widely accepted by the general public and since then, acceptance and reverence for this dance is enormous. It has brought an alternative way ofmeditating, a way to connect mind and spirit in order to achieve clarity and a new found peace. It is a very difficult intrinsic dance with very slow and purposeful moves that are difficult to hold and control. The dance itself was used in the ancient times for a sympathetic way to help a fellow woman through the pains of child birth and was extremely spiritual and relaxing. It was known as the ‘epidural’ of the ancient times and the women would move in a snake like fashion as a symbolic movement to ease the woman experiencing childbirth. It has all of these traditions and profound understanding of this ancient art form. The dancing belly was first penned by the French when they saw the rising and the falling of the dancer’s mid section but in its essence, it brought it’s real name which is Raks Sharki; the Arabic name for the belly dance. It also brought a new way to entertain and enlighten while showing an elaborate way of movement and spirit brought together in one spectacular dance. This dance is actually the oldest known dances that are familiar to mankind all over the world and for this reason it seems that belly dancing holds many ancient secrets. The thought expands to what eras belly dancing has survived and seen as well as the questions about how old this dance truly is and where did it .e from if the oldest place we can date it to is Egypt. Wouldn’t it be sensible to think that it may have originated in the orient since it was called in literal translation the Oriental dance? One day we may know the secrets that this magical dance holds but for now we’ll just enjoy all the pleasure it brings people today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: