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What is the end of the universe? Need to Know I! Sohu, science and technology since April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin made Vostok 1 spacecraft into space, the human exploration of the universe has never stopped, for half a century, mankind not only landed on the moon, and even the future colonization of Mars — but we still know little about the universe. The space telescope is the only window we know about the universe. The Harbert space telescope, however, space telescope, the Harbert Space Telescope (Hubble Space Telescope, the largest active duty) has been in service for 26 years, with the development of astronomy, the Harbert telescope gradually unable to meet the demand of human space exploration, we need to see farther. So, NASA spent 20 years at a cost of $8 billion 700 million, to create the most powerful Space Telescope — James · Webb Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope), and in 2018 was sent to space. This time, we’re going to see the end of the universe. – James · how to create the history of the largest telescope Webb Space Telescope? In 1989, the Harbert Space Telescope has not launched, NASA put forward the decision — to give Harbert space telescope to find a successor that time like beauty, to build a low cost "a new generation of space telescope", requires only $500 million can be completed, less than half the cost of the Harbert space telescope. The Webb space telescope is expected to launch in 2018 the original plan Webb space telescope will be placed at a distance of 1 million 500 thousand kilometers outside the earth second Lagrange point, in this position of gravity is relatively stable, without frequent adjustment to correct the position of the telescope, will not be affected by dust near earth orbit, after all, so far away from earth, let astronauts go ah the repair is not realistic. The Webb space telescope will be placed on the second point Lagrange (L2) Webb space telescope mirror system comprises a primary mirror, secondary mirror and three mirrors, wherein the main mirror is made of beryllium, the diameter of 6.5 meters, expansion area is 5 times the Harbert telescope. In order to improve the infrared reflectivity of the mirror is plated with a layer of thin gold film, in order to improve the stability of the Webb space telescope, each lens must be polished for several years, and were detected in low temperature laboratory. The Space Telescope project because of Weber’s primary mirror diameter is larger than the rocket launch, so the primary mirror is divided into 18 small blocks of six angle lens into space, will be launched into a small lens mirror in the control of micro motor, assist the telescope dark night image. The vast / Webb space telescope primary mirror Webb Space Telescope project beyond all imagination, by 2005, the production cost is $4 billion 500 million! At that time相关的主题文章: