Wang # # stock double eleven what to buy insurance and good use of the stockpile in this guide

Wang # # stock double eleven what to buy insurance and good use of the stockpile in this guide lead: "double eleven" is coming, netizens have begun not excited, the "popular" has also launched a fiery pre-sale. But this year, 11 in the end what to buy? This is perhaps the most headache problem, want to know the editors of the shopping cart are what baby? Rather than blindly as to hoard goods, insurance and good use of choice! Keywords: @Maggie skin dry skin: pre-sale Shiseido + Yin Fu Sha the three items are "Red Net" explosion, the king wanted to get out of stock worthy of the name, the most affordable price harvest surprise sample packs? It has to be booked in advance (it’s hard to grab reservations, not to join the shopping cart)! 1, Shiseido red muscle Cream 30ml living Yan limited pre-sale buy 30ml enjoy 30ml not enjoy full of gifts. This stack is a can improve skin immunity playfully essence. Helps to strengthen the body’s physical, in the solution of stains, wrinkles, relaxation and other issues worthy of trust, so the repurchase rate of 100%. The sale price of $590.002, Shiseido Weipo Yue Fei Yan Plastic Brightening Cream 50ml limited pre-sale enjoy ten gift value 1352 whitening anti-aging once, luxurious and stunning. Known as the "face" killer, firming your muscles four girls. The sale price of $1780.003, IPSA Yin Fu Sha moisturizing emulsion self circulation of 2 pieces of IPSA gold embellish skin water: IPSA for R series liquid circulation discipline this price is really good and hesitate, lock up! This winter from drying on which all the two ~ $920 sale price of Chocola BB for vitamin C tablets 4 pills, Japan Chocola BB collagen beauty pill 120 particle: called "vitamin C collagen" in Japan is also very good reputation, price and effect are worth repurchase reasons, with his home Meibai pills. Eat the effect is good oh. Limited special $174 @Levin skin: sensitive skin. Key words: Ultra practical JILL STUART+ Korrun + Paris Kerastase 1, JILL STUART Giles Stuart white flower stage Group Limited (hand price of 300 yuan), body milk body lotion: melty (#01 lip balm) of Hand Cream Lip frozen hand cream has been. Want to buy the JILL STUART body lotion, want to smell it girl like flower fragrance, mainly by Jill packaging to attract girls heart bursting! This pair of eleven activities, body lotion + Hand Cream + lip cold winter combination is just necessary, 454 soft currency value is the price of 300! 2, Curel Ke Runrun dip Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 130.相关的主题文章: