Wang Feng sends a video tribute to Cohen he is my love

Wang Feng sent a video tribute to Cohen: he is my favourite Wang Feng official music platform video tribute to Leonard Cohen Sina entertainment news singer Leonard Cohen on November 10th local time, died at the age of 82. Wang Feng [micro-blog] official music platform launched tribute video, Wang Feng commented that he was his love, that after his death was particularly sad. The Cohen Video 2 minutes and 43 seconds, adding a lot of Cohen before the body image, with the classic songs "Hallelujah", let the tears. As a follower of Cohen for years, Wang Feng said in a speech review of the tribute Video: "Cohen is my love. There are two people in this world who have great influence on me. These two people are still alive, if a total of three people, there is a John Lennon. Another one today, Cohen. I am particularly sad. Can not express the feelings in words. Each of his words, his every melody, in fact, for me, for a lot of a lot of confusion in the music to find the road, looking for tomorrow, we are a great revelation." In 2015, Wang Feng released the album "rivers" included in the song "you go your way", the inspiration is from Cohen’s poem "the sweetest songs", this poem reads "you go your way, I will go your way," Wang Feng the short and classic the two words into the song, and wrote "Leonard wrote this sentence to wake me up" the lyrics, with his music to express the full respect for the idol. Cohen’s death, so that the official music platform DJ and singers are very touching. DJ Dong Peng and Li Qing all published special programs, singer Li Xia also released its own version of the works of Cohen "everybody knows" in the platform. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: