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Volunteers hand flag cake and the Republic were welcome to meet the national peers in the Republic of sixty-seventh birthday, Tong Jing two community volunteers made a five-star red flag for the pattern of the national flag "cake", and invited three foreign members and their old community together towards the national day, in the community room everyone around the "flag cake" sing the national anthem, the 67 anniversary of the founding of new Chinese sincere blessings. National Day Eve, in elderly volunteers advocate of Liu Ayi, Tong Jing two community volunteers are going to make a birthday cake for the motherland’s birthday cake, style listened to the old party week master advice, make a solemn five-star red flag, the flag of the cake "in everyone’s work together soon the red flag, strawberry sauce, mayonnaise five shining stars, very beautiful, solemn. Greet National Day birthday, the community invited the old party members and the three Republic cake to celebrate the national day age character, we sat in the singing of the National Anthem "flag cake" around, bring sweet blessing to the motherland. Instrument Factory retired aunt is 49 years que was born in October 1st, and the Republic was born on the same day, the birthday party, she also expressed his feelings: "because have the same birthday with the Republic, this let me set up a special emotion with the motherland. The growth trajectory of peers witnessed the establishment and development of the motherland, I compared life, Republic of China cannot be mention in the same breath. This year’s birthday, I will leave the best memories of my life". Birthday, area of the art team presented a now singing, now dancing, colorful cultural feast, the 67 anniversary of the founding of new China sincere blessings.相关的主题文章: