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UnCategorized Many people end up in jobs that they don’t like or that are boring and routine. What started out as seeming like a great job has turned into a disappointing situation. Often, we wish for better jobs with more freedom or some excitement. Anyone can have that kind of a job, a dream job with room for growth and that is interesting. What holds us back? Why do we get stuck in jobs we end up hating? Often, our values and beliefs landed us where we are. Looking at what made us who we are, can help us change our life for the better and go after a dream job that fits just right. We can’t blame our parents and peers for who we are, but who we grew up to be does have a lot to do with the role models in our lives. From toddler to teen, we watched our parents and other adults around us, and took in ideas of how we should behave, what were right choices versus wrong, and learned about who we should be. Often, adults model what their children will become. We absorb it without knowing it. If your parents instilled the values that successful people work hard, you will grow up believing much the same thing. Perhaps the adults around you had it easy, so you may believe that being successful should just happen on its own. You may have picked up that a responsible person is one who works nine to five, or that an office job is a respectable job to have. Not only that, the events of your childhood shaped your fears and doubts, as well as your strengths and confidence. All sorts of things happened, from failure to success, and each situation left you with a personality etched by events. You will carry much of your past with you into adulthood, and may end up where you are out of a fear of failure, lack of self-esteem, or sense of responsibility. Outside influence goes beyond your parents or the adults in your childhood. Other role models, such as famous people or things we hear and see from the media, can affect who you grow up to be, as well as your beliefs. The people around you in society teach you what’s acceptable and what’s not, possible more than your parents do. The Color Blue Humans like to go with the group. No one wants to be an outsider, and we all crave acceptance. We may like blue, but if everyone else adores red and thinks blue is bad, we’re going to start wearing red and incorporating red into our homes. Does that mean red is the better color? Of course not. It only means that society leaves us with the impression that red is the choice to make – and you’re a blue person, so you’re not going to be happy until you break free. Then one day, you decide to wear blue. Enough is enough. You may find that other people appreciate that you stuck up for yourself. You may get compliments for your initiative. You feel better, so you have a good day and come home happy and satisfied. In fact, you met someone else who likes blue as much as you and who wants to help you change things for everyone. That leaves you feeling fulfilled and better about yourself. You can make change, be happier, help others, and life is good. Change To Blue Is Good Welcome to the changes you will feel when you start to break out of a job that doesn’t fit and into a career that suits you better. It’s important to remember that all those original beliefs that we grew up believing are just beliefs and often chains to reaching our full potential. They may be deep-rooted beliefs, true, but beliefs are changeable and changed to new ones that fit better. And being blue, if it is who you are, is good for you! About the Author: (c) 2007 "How To Land Your Dream Job". You can have the job of your dreams. It takes application, attention and the information you need to get you there, young or old. There’s all you need at Martin Haworth’s website, ..HowToLandYourDreamJob.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: