United States reported 13 new super bacteria infection cases of 4 deaths fkzww

The United States reported 13 cases of new superbug infections 4 deaths: report of 13 cases of the original title of new "superbugs" infected 4 people died in Washington in November 4, Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) 4, U.S. health authorities reported that the United States there is a new "super bacteria" called ear Candida yeast, has killed at least 13 people infected, including 4 deaths. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement on the same day, Candida tropicalis can cause serious and even fatal fungal infections, usually resistant to fungal drugs. The statement pointed out that this drug resistance has emerged in many countries around the world, is a new threat, the United States CDC has been in June this year issued a warning to medical institutions. CDC said that in the 13 cases, 7 cases were between May 2013 and August 2016 in New York, Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey found that 4 states, researchers have carried out a detailed study of their condition. Another 6 cases were found after that, and are still under investigation. In the first 7 cases, all of them have serious health problems, including malignant hematological diseases, acute respiratory failure, etc., with an average of 18 days in hospital was diagnosed infected with Candida albicans infection. Although 4 people were killed, it was not clear whether the infection was a direct cause of their deaths. The researchers found that Candida tropicalis may be contagious. These 7 people, two people have the same hospital in New Jersey for treatment in different wards, their ear infection of Candida is almost identical; another two people have the same hospital doctor in Illinois, has infected almost exactly the same as the ear of candida. The study also showed that Candida infection in the ear canal needs to be examined in a special way, because it can easily be mistaken for another type of Candida infection, and 5 of the 7 people have been misdiagnosed. In addition, 5 people infected with Candida albicans infection in one of the 7 or one of the two major antifungal drugs. In other countries, some of the Candida species were found to be resistant to all three major antifungal drugs. Laboratory tests also showed that Candida albicans found in the United States is associated with Candida albicans found in South and South america. But the CDC said the 7 patients have not been to South Asia and South America, and the two regions are directly linked, so they think the more patients are infected with the "super bacteria in the United states". Thomas, director of the CDC, ·, said: "we need to take immediate action to better understand, control and prevent the spread of drug-resistant fungi.". This is a new threat, we need to focus on the protection of vulnerable groups." In 2009, it was first discovered in the external auditory meatus secretion of a Japanese patient. Since then, at least 12 countries, including South Korea, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Kenya, Kuwait, Columbia, Venezuela and the United Kingdom, have reported the discovery of Candida tropicalis相关的主题文章: