Ubisoft talk about its variety of reasons the failure of online games is not friendly to the novice mmc.exe

Ubisoft talk about its variety of online failure reasons: Interview with foreign media for the novice friendly Ubisoft game designer Stanislav Costiuc, analyzes the reasons for the recent Ubisoft’s outage of a variety of online games. These services stop online games including "Castle" and "Plunkett", "Ghost Recon: phantom Magic: duel of Champions". Costiuc said the outage before he played these games again (he did not participate in the game development), he found that these games have defects, especially the novice experience is not good. Related reading: Ubisoft new "Castle Plunkett" over the trial in China TPS shooting game "ghost action announced by Ubisoft:" at the end of the tour agency phantom to stop taking a variety of online games outage "Ubisoft Magic:" duel of champions will stop more of any game, start to experience is very important. This is the key to free online games, players do not have access to the threshold of the game, even if the game does not come back without any loss. So the first impressions of the free game need to capture the players so that they can stay and play all the time. For the game, even if the opening experience is not good, because already paid for the game player, are generally willing to continue the game "Costiuc said. Costiuc believes that "four" is the castle Plunkett set the best online outage, it shows a long-term goal to game game player, and taught how to play the game player. In contrast, "Ghost Recon: phantom" the first impression is not good, but also to promote krypton gold is a big mistake. (source: 1 network) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: