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8 coup – to ease the psychological pressure of the Sohu maternal pressure everywhere, and the inevitable. The greater the pressure, the more unstable our health will be. Psychological pressure how to do? The 8 coup to ease the psychological pressure, must know. Psychological pressure of the psychological pressure is too large to trigger a lot of problems such as decreased immunity. The study found that both long-term psychological pressure, or short-term psychological pressure, will affect the vitality of the immune system. First of all, make people unhappy, depression, anxiety, pain, resentment, pessimistic and depressed feeling, feel that life is no fun, self-control decrease, sudden anger, tears or laughter, decreased ability to work independently, usually active people become lazy, usually quiet people become emotional, originally easy-going character suddenly touchy to sensory stimuli and intolerable avoidance of music, electro-optic, family members or his conversation suddenly can not tolerate. Secondly, the pressure is easy to make the conflict between people and others increase, affecting the performance of the work, so that people become forgetful, tired, reduced efficiency. Moreover, excessive psychological pressure people will become indifferent and impetuous, they are still able to handle small problems and daily activities, but they can not face major issues of concern, unable to make the correct decision, and easy to make a hasty irresponsible. In addition, the psychological pressure is too large to cause physical and mental diseases. The study found that ten major diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and psychological stress, it is important to learn how to relieve stress. To alleviate the psychological pressure of the 8 coup, paying attention to the process of desalination method to establish reasonable and utilitarian objective self expectation, the goal should be reasonable, sometimes things can be the worst sake, but to the benefits of hard. Empathy, empathy, correct cognitive pressure, flexible adjustment of their mentality. For example, when you encounter unfair things, uncoordinated interpersonal relationships, unpleasant emotional experience, try transposition thinking. Music and physical health method of sound through the ear to be feeling, such as other people’s praise and criticism, murmuring all affect your attitude, so you can listen to some beautiful music, ease the bad feelings. It is very important to develop good habits of life and self health care, at the same time, to create a harmonious family atmosphere can not be ignored. Over time, forgetting time is the best way to solve the problem, to forget the past and present a cognitive concept of self correction at any time, don’t let the pain of the past hold you in the future. Self confidence and self motivation is to believe that they are the best, most can rely on, every great cause from self-confidence to start. With self relief method to relax ourselves, where appropriate, to find trustworthy people want to say to say; want to rest and rest; want the entertainment and entertainment, really don’t want to work temporarily down; to the pursuit of excellence, but no need to perfect in every respect. Update the environment self-regulation in the pressure is too large, the mood is not good when the transformation of the environment, such as outdoor viewing.相关的主题文章: