Three years of grinding sword! Fate of the church retained the guards cavalry charge ekdv-273

Three years of grinding sword! Fate of the church retained by the cavalry charge against the fate of the church development in 2016 SLG Webpage Game masterpiece "" powerful cavalry charge, is expected in the fourth quarter of a comprehensive open test, which is following the "heaven and earth", "(the rush in the new service attack cities and capture territories)" after the fate of the church and a creative! Since the way the surrender test again and again, 7 times to stay, stay up siege 1.5 times over the same period. "Hope" cavalry charge can transcend the fate of the church all products, third phenomenal achievement fate of the Church of the classic! "Cavalry charge" to the background of three prototype, real complex carved during the Three Kingdoms period, the most unique battle scenes, so that every game player in the game is personally on the scene feel like blood and passion on the battlefield. Game player will play the role of a monarch in troubled times, the Han Dynasty witnessed the decline of the Three Kingdoms, and separatist warlords, it belongs to the whole process of shanxi. So, this year will bring to the great game player a kind of game? After watching the wonderful battle scene, is not even looking forward to this product? "Official video game" cavalry charge will be exposed in September, let us wait and see! For more information please pay attention to the game forum: bbs.aoshitang fate fate of the church hall: the fate of the Church (AST GAME), is (Shanghai) Rui war network science and technology limited company’s development, the theme and the original strength based on the global research and development company, the Mobile Games Webpage Game. The company was founded in 2009, has a staff of nearly 300 people, the number of operations, the successful development of super popular gaming products, such as: "heaven and earth", "Quartet", "Three Kingdoms", "attack cities and capture territories", "the day will mighty (grab in the new service)", in the global scope of promotion more than more than and 30 countries and regions.相关的主题文章: