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Writing Although Jonathan Franzen doesnt know how the cruise chapters work, he is aware how the first two chapters and then fifth and sixth work. He just takes a single situation and then tightens the screws for all the characters (just like short novels). He is slightly apologetic about it, but Jonathan Franzen does create situations somewhat mechanically (for you it means there is a method behind the madness). He wants to figure out a powerful dramatic situation beforehand when he starts writing the novel. He Has The Heart To Remove His Own Scenes When he actually started writing, he was pleasantly surprised to find out how little he needed while writing the story. He had a tendency to go off the tangents and integrate back stories into the scene, but then there were times when what he wrote became an obstacle in the way he wanted the novel to turn out. The Plot Started Exploding Whenever he did that (shot off the tangents), the plot started exploding in several directions all at once, and Jonathan Franzen had to take several such elements out of the story so one difficult paragraph (for the characters) could be retained. He is hugely inspired by the stories in which one big situation develops into an interesting story, for example, in the title A Personal Matter, a Japanese male finds that his wife has given birth to a monster. All this becomes even more curious when the baby is not shown to him, rather people are just describing the baby in comical and horrible terms. What the author does here is that he just watches the character for seven days and you have a book on your hands. Another book, Desperate Characters, tracks the unfolding story when a woman is bitten by a probably rabid cat (she fears she is on the verge of death). Not Interested In Writing about the World Jonathan Franzen is very happy that he doesnt have to write about a novel which has a plot revolving around UN Security Council. It took him a long time to write Freedom, though a large part of the book was written within a year. Most of the time, he was just working on getting the structure and tone of the book right. Also, deciding what areas he was going to cover in various chapters was also what took him most of the time. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. To find out whether Freedom has some autobiographical elements from the life of Jonathan Franzen, its best if you read the book yourself. Order for your copy of Freedom at huge discount only at Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: