This is my husband and I open the room video links with this message do not point to open – running man 20130908

"This is the real video" my husband and you with this link don’t open SMS Beijing – Zhejiang online news November 11th (evening news reporter Fu Yingjie) "this is my husband and your open house video" and "video last party to see Oh", "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs 10 39 yuan SF postage", followed by a URL link…… To see such a message, some people may want to do not want to open the point, the result is the phone poisoning, and then leaked information, followed by the bank card was fraudulent, huge property losses. Yesterday, Jinhua city public security bureau bureau held a news conference, informed they recently uncovered a nationwide fraudulent bank card case, not only in one fell swoop cracked a series of more than 300 cases, worth more than 1000 yuan, the whole industry chain uprooted, arrested 35 suspects. The point of a bank card SMS Web site does not stop the stolen brush involving the country’s 11 province 16 counties is a major, police said members of the public, bank card 2200 yuan less rather baffling. In the afternoon of March 23rd this year, Jinhua citizens Ms. Lin received a text message, the content is: "our party video, send you a copy of the web site to see." Coincidentally, Ms. Lin has indeed participated in some time before the party, also did not think, on the phone on the link. But it is strange that she did not see any party video, because the hands are busy, Miss Lin forgot about it. Is that, Ms. Lin found that his bank card was repeatedly used for quick payment, a total loss of 2200 yuan, but Ms. Lin has not received any chargeback reminder, how is this going? In March 25th, Ms. Lin to the area west police station. A small case pull more than 30 similar cases. Although this mailbox Trojan battle case value of the case is not, but the public security bureau did not neglect, also on the relevant string of cases and case, found only in March, Zhejiang province has similar cases since more than and 30, involving the value of more than 30 yuan, the impact was very wide. Police investigators, in fact, the so-called party video is clearly a Trojan virus, which launched the investigation. According to the particularity of the case, as the police assault squad, starting from the victim’s mobile phone tracking anti Trojan, the Trojan that eventually bound to a mailbox, the message will be the victim of mobile phone Trojan SMS interception, and sent to the mailbox, and will also be a mail list and stole, which is a cause of the victim to without notice. By tracking the mailbox, the police mastered the suspect’s foothold in the Ministry of public security as one of the 7 key areas of telecommunications fraud in Guangxi, Binyang. In April 1st, the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau under the unified command, Nanning police in Guangxi under the support of the police in the Jiangnan Binyang si’yuan Road, a trading company in one fell swoop Mongolia a five floor, 4 Guangxi Binyang suspects, and seized 6 laptop computer, mobile phone, bank cards, wireless Internet equipment and other tools of crime. National survey of the police.相关的主题文章: