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This artifact   "Baby Magic" highlights the new piece of information — prospective squaresoft game AI Nicks only licensed Mobile Games "Baby Magic" will open a new piece of information "and adorable treasure in next week"! This piece of information will have a massive update on-line games, this artifact, heaven adorable treasure, there are new mounts, new mercenaries, new pet a series of strikes. Today’s official website will be the first exposure artifact system in a new piece of information, let a warrior can understand God gameplay details in advance, at any time to prepare for the new adventure. [this artifact Lord Al Jess trial] elementals different world is continuing destruction, originally peaceful flange, life was broken by this group of outsiders, and Lord Al Jess found behind this batch of biological elements had the Inferno forces in support, angry Al Jess decided to implement the God of judgment, I do not know the punishment the immensity of heaven and earth. The eviction of elemental lords, arges down destiny artifact power flange of the brave, the artifact is powerful, it is bound to destroy the evil forces, he Ning flange. [talent shenlishen casting system play first exposure] artifact itself has a very strong strength, and want to ride them is not easy, the flange of the warriors need to reach level 80 to open the artifact system. The artifact can also be enhanced by God cast system in God cast to a certain stage will be open artifact exclusive skills, these skills are divided into natural skills (active skills) and power skills (passive technology), the acquisition of these skills will greatly enhance their combat capability of the warriors. [shiny cool artifact will be free to show] artifact Lord Al Jess will be given the highest honor, is a symbol of the flange, and the artifact will be free to show the same elf jewelry, artifact shining around on his side, is a symbol of identity is a kind of strength so, pull the wind. "—" effect, the warriors do not come out? In addition to the artifact system of concern, the core gameplay adorable treasure new piece of information in the system, there are new mounts, new mercenaries and new pets will be in the next week in the news gradually exposed, Nicks only licensed squaresoft AI Mobile Games "Baby Magic" new piece of information will be officially opened next week, please look forward to!   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: