Thieves take advantage of the driver’s car to sleep with the self stick stick mobile phone ca4111

The driver of the car thief while sleeping self bar "sticky" go mobile phone original title: the driver of the car sleeping man holding self stick stick go on mobile phone before the man was arrested when nobody knows the car can not put valuables in the car on suspicion of theft, but there are several drivers can not imagine how their go to sleep in the car, the thief would dare to handle or self bar in the window, stolen mobile phone in his nose. The early morning of August 12th, Jiang master pass three Yao Xi’an East Village, feeling a little sleepy in the village stopped to sleep in the car. Because it was too hot, he drove the windows open. 6 in the morning when he woke up, found on a Samsung mobile phone in the car, a HUAWEI mobile phone is missing. After returning home, he reported to the police by plane. Stole the phone that night, more than one master jiang. Almost the same time, parked in the East Village Road West three Yao Mr. White mobile phone is lost, "mobile phone charging in the passenger seat, the car rear window is not closed". Another Mr. Zhang lost mobile phone case is the same, woke up in the car after the discovery of mobile phone disappeared, after coming home with his wife to call his mobile phone dial, on the other side is the police station, the suspect has been caught. After identification, four stolen mobile phone retail price of a total of 2200 yuan. Originally, the same day at 5 am, police goose Branch Electronic City police station plainclothes police patrol, the suspect was found in the electronic road four, after it was arrested. According to the suspect Chen explained that the night before, he and a partner from the South riding glasses of the target of theft can find along the road. To the east the three Yao Village area, has found a few car window is not closed, hands can get it through the window handle, take mobile phone; the hand to reach, in the self timer pole carry on Nianshang double-sided adhesive, the self timer lever in the window stick go mobile phone. Yanta District procuratorate believes that Chen illegal possession for the purpose of secret theft of property, suspected of theft. Chen repeated theft, and was detained for theft, the possible implementation of the new crime, Chen has been arrested before the day. > > relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the provisions of article 264th of the criminal law, the crime of theft refers to the illegal possession for the purpose of stealing large amount of public or private property or multiple theft, burglary, carrying weapon theft and pickpocketing behavior of public and private property. Theft is the oldest crime, the penalty of 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and / or be fined; if the amount is huge or other serious circumstances, at more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 10 years and shall also be fined; if the amount is especially huge or other especially serious circumstances and less than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property. China Daily reporter correspondent Liu Min Ning Jun editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: