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Many of these brain masses joy neon wide hole beauty invention using lead: good enough to meet the light cherry sister beauty needs, but also fun to make them most willing to buy buy buy. So the Japanese designers are all brain hole wide open, it is these a beauty invention be struck dumb. (source: red show) index of foam cleansing brain hole can squeeze the Rose Cleansing Foam can squeeze the roses: you can feel you can feel recently in micro-blog is the fire red net cleansing, it is Kanebo’s brand Evita will be available in September of the beauty whip soap (Rose foam cleanser), containing royal jelly, collagen, rose water and other ingredients, but also exudes a touch of rose. A finger and thumb while pressing the bottle mouth of the pink button, will be from the pump extrusion shape of Rose Bubble, the bursting of the girl heart invention ah! Star eye! It is said that a bottle can squeeze out about more than and 80 roses is said to be able to squeeze out a bottle of about more than and 80 roses, the price is much higher than the cost of really good to see this mask, I call the police…… Seeing this mask, I called the police…… You can feel the brain hole index: you can feel, everyone wants a delicate face, some people rush into danger, some people like crazy knife PS, and some people choose to take the plastic mask…… It is said to be able to gently stretch the skin and muscles from several directions, improve and increase facial blood circulation not to be scared by appearance…… It is known from several directions to gently stretch the skin and muscles, improve and increase the facial blood circulation, make the skin smooth and compact surface, achieve the effect of beauty plastic yan. Is not really so magical we don’t know, anyway, dare wearing her girl, are you really courageous…… Always think the next second will be seized by the kidnappers. Now, look a little but in neon on this product designers also conducted a number of improvements, now looks a little like?? Well, there is no…… The foaming bye, it is more fun foaming bye, it is more fun brain hole index: you can feel dense foam seen in front of a few suddenly feel it is normal…… In fact, this is a cleansing milk frother, of course you can also use it collocation shampoo to use foaming products. The operation process is very simple, put some water in the jar, squeeze some cleansing products, and then press get to continue to enrich the dense foam. Bubble thick thick price of 1000 yuan. Although the light can also be used to rub out the bubble, you can buy this is similar to the cooking of the foaming process. 10 seconds with 10 seconds with heavyweight heavyweight silkworm silkworm brain hole index: you can feel, Sakura sisters seems to lie in addition to extra preference, traditional pen and silkworm, silkworm was a magic paste so there! 10 seconds have cosmetic level in the silkworm is not dreaming. In fact, the use of double skin and paste almost use it in fact, and almost double eyelid stickers, but a stick in the eye on Monday posted in the next eye week. But occasionally used by ok.相关的主题文章: