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No olive kernel can be called the five Jen moon cake can do National Committee: Beijing – "I have looked at the grass street and North Street, two supermarkets inside, which sell five Ren moon cakes are more in name than in reality." Recently, members of the public complained that the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, some of the five moon cakes sold on the market do not meet the new national standard. Chengdu Daily reporter then learned that inquiry, the State Quality Inspection Administration and the National Standards Commission in December last year, the implementation of GB T19855-2015 "moon cakes" GB, clearly said: "the use of walnuts, almonds, olive kernels, Gua Ziren, sesame seeds and other five major raw material into the moon cake stuffing can be called the five Jen moon." Yesterday, the reporter visited the city a number of stores found that 13 in the sale of the brand "five Jen moon" although marked the implementation of the new national standard, but only a burden and the new national standard line, most of the moon cake ingredients No olive kernel, but with the peanut substitute. The same is the bulk of the five Ren moon cake, a mixture containing olive kernel of the five Jen moon cake, priced at $6.8; another does not contain olive, the price of 2.9 yuan. To solve this problem, the moon cake of the new national standard focal baking products – the National Standardization Technical Committee Sub Committee on pastry explained to the Chengdu Daily reporter said in reply, five kinds of nuts listed in terms of this, is the Cantonese style five Jen moon cake based on "basic description", but "etc" proposed, refers to the use of the above five kinds of nuts in the ingredients are not limited to. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Peng Liang and Dai Jiajia相关的主题文章: