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The world’s top 500 enterprises in Jilin delegation to share new opportunities for the revitalization of the Northeast – Beijing News Agency in September 29, Changchun (Guo Jia Li Yanguo) from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and other 26 countries and regions of the 294 world top 500 enterprises (well-known multinational companies) 29 days in Jilin Changchun, seek to carry out in-depth cooperation with the old industrial base. Visit to Jilin, the world’s top 500 enterprises (well-known multinational companies including Microsoft, HP), BASF, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, MITSUBISHI, LG group, Formosa Plastics Group, the investment involved in the field of automotive, electronics, chemical industry etc.. Into 2016, the major investment activities in Jilin become more frequent. The world’s top 500 enterprises (corporations) into the Jilin campaign after the global Kyrgyzstan business conference, overseas Chinese Professionals Association and project matchmaking is another major investment activities. We will make greater efforts to expand opening up, to strengthen the strategic cooperation with foreign investors, including the world’s top 500 companies and well-known multinational companies, including the development of a higher level of open economy." Jilin provincial Party Secretary Ba Antsoru said that the natural ecology, delicate gas Jilin has picturesque scenery is political ecology and vibrant economic ecology, a huge potential for development. As of now, Jilin’s investment in foreign enterprises more than 8000 households, including Volkswagen, Decathlon, France Italy Fiat, Japan’s TOYOTA, Samsung and other 50 world top 500 enterprises. FAW – Volkswagen attaches great importance to Jilin’s natural resources, at present, there are 200 suppliers in Jilin province." FAW – Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. Volkswagen brand (foreign) executive vice president Yang Mutian said, FAW – Volkswagen will seize the opportunity to revitalize the northeast, to introduce more models and quality services to Chinese customers. He Tianrui, vice president of BASF, Germany, said that the benefit from the implementation of the revitalization of the northeast strategy, BASF in the automotive, rail transportation and wind equipment and other fields have achieved rapid growth. He said that BASF is currently in Jilin province customers include Jilin petrochemical, FAW Group, Jilin Zhongche fltae, wind turbine manufacturer etc.. As an important old industrial base and commodity grain base in China, Jilin has a strong industrial base, good industrial base and low cost of human resources." China’s Ministry of Commerce Investment Promotion Bureau, said Liu Dianxun, with the revitalization of China’s strategy to promote the northeast, including Jilin, the northeast region will usher in a new round of development opportunities. The meeting will be held during the world 500 strong dialogue forum, forum of economic and trade exchanges and other activities, then, these 500 companies, well-known multinational company executives also will go to visit and negotiate and docking in Jilin province. (end)相关的主题文章: