The Shanghai Stock Exchange on the implementation of the Hui Hui technology stocks st processing wil 66814

The exchange of Hui ball technology implementation of ST processing will be transferred to the stock risk warning board hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million ST after treatment, will be transferred to the Shanghai the trading risk warning board – reporter Zhu Baochen "Securities Daily" the reporter was informed that in September 9th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange decided since September 13th on the implementation of ST Hui ball technology stock company, the stock referred to by the Hui ball technology is changed to ST Hui ball ", and turned into the Shanghai stock exchange to continue trading risk warning board. Prior to this, the company stock on September 12th (Monday) suspended for one day. In August 26, 2016, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a bulletin on the supervision, Hui ball technology problems existing in the information disclosure requirements, the company in September 9th before the deadline for rectification; if not complete the rectification, the implementation of other risk warning processing on the company’s stock (referred to as ST). After the aforementioned notification issued by the Shanghai stock exchange via telephone, letters and other ways have repeatedly urged the company to effectively rectification. As of 17 points on September 9th, the company still did not submit the rectification report, did not complete the rectification requirements should be implemented in a timely manner." The upper hand. Shanghai Stock Exchange introduced, Hui ball technology is not completed within the deadline for rectification, the problem of information disclosure is still very serious, to bring a great deal of risk to investors. At present, the actual control of the company is still unable to verify the situation, the responsibility of the early disclosure of important announcement is still not identified, the disclosure of information is not smooth channels of contact. Shanghai, Hui ball technology shares were treated with ST, will be transferred to the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading risk warning board, the transaction will also change: one is the stock price decline is limited to 5%; two is investors should use limit orders in the transaction; three is when investors through the single stock risk warning auction trading and commodity trading total purchase amount shall not exceed 500 thousand shares. In addition, for the first time to buy shares of the company’s investors, should also be in accordance with the requirements of the securities company to open the book, written or electronic form of risk warning stock risk disclosure letter. Unsigned, investors can sell the company’s shares, but can not buy shares in the company. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: