The road to recovery difficult 2016 Q3 digital camera Market Report ppbox

Hard Q3 digital camera market report 2016 2016 recovery in the third quarter is the camera industry recovery period, the impact of Xiongben earthquake is gradually faded, and the September Phoktina exhibition is undoubtedly a tonic imaging community, variety of heavyweight debut in August and September. But at the same time, the RMB exchange rate continued to fall and the yen exchange rate, so that the price of domestic camera products continue to rise, which is not good news for market sales. In overseas markets, in 2016 third quarter of Japan’s major camera factory earnings have been released, sales and profits double down is a common feature of the third quarter, the release of new products is not restrain the downward trend, the camera industry recovery of the road is still difficult. · market analysis of the three brand status is difficult to shake first look at the 2016 Q3 digital camera market brand analysis. In the domestic market, Canon, Nikon, SONY three still has not shake the low, Canon in the Q3 continue to sit tight in the top spot, while Nikon and SONY in two or three. In other brands, Fuji and Leica have more advantages on attention, Pentax in the domestic attention is relatively low, while the M43 system is the main manufacturer of Matsushita and OLYMPUS on the proportion of the total is still less than 4%, still need to study hard. 2016 Q3 China digital camera market brands focus on the proportion of the distribution (data sources: ZDC survey data) below focus on the trend of the five major brands. After Canon released the 5D Mark IV in September, attention has a greatly improved, while Nikon during the Photokina exhibition in September this year and has not released a full frame SLR camera, only D3400 come out, so in September the degree of concern is not a small decline. SONY’s attention in the country has been relatively stable, but in addition to this year, Fuji two expensive flagship, the year did not highlight the release of the product, so concerned about the degree of usher in the fall for the three consecutive month. 2016 7-9 China’s digital camera market five mainstream brands pay attention to the proportion of trends contrast (data sources: ZDC survey data) is the first quarter of this year, the three quarter brand attention changes. You can see that Canon in this year’s overall concern is on the rise, and just released Q3 earnings report, Canon in the field of camera generally fell, but also the smallest decline in the number of image categories. Camera market brand ranked attention has been relatively stable, this year the top six ranking did not change, but the third quarter of seventh from Pentax into OLYMPUS, Pentax and Pentax fell to eighth, because this year launched K-1 although the product is good, but did not form a good market response, so the Pentax decline is inevitable. If not to Pentax’s attention and market share will continue to decline. The Samsung camera has been delisted, so the third quarter began, has not seen a trace of samsung. 2016 Q1-Q3 China digital camera market brand attention ratio for China’s digital camera market, the status of the three brands is difficult to shake,.相关的主题文章: