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The prince who stripped the startling step by step. The most handsome you buy meter lead: Recently, Korean version of "startling step by step: Li" was finally launched, the past are we remake drama, now finally turn to remake us, remember the poem and is also attached to fourth master because of this show, South Korea now to remake, plus are full of actors on the topic, this drama is not broadcast before the fire. (Editor: @philtre) the Korean version of "startling step by step: Li just launched this" ratings have unsatisfactory way bottom, although the South Korean writers came up with all up sister routines, such as a "stripped" up on the first all actors and drama of the first set will set the road exposed flesh is really the same years. The first set on the contribution of many seductive’s sons and so the idea is because Korean O’Young IU even accidentally through to all the princes of the bathhouse! O’Young crossing is too frightened to choose all his sons so the actress up you witnessed the prince while taking a bath while drinking some of the scene, playing in the water, a cold in the face of high tea, some bath… In short, screenwriter adults really know what the audience wants to see! Whether you love meat type, body type, or in short selling, adorable, you can find the one you love in the shower. The prince undressed play in the water bath to do all the princes face but despite the high cold episode so eclectic, but still could not escape the netizens Tucao, not only because the acting is not in place, and the other is not a classical beauty, and the male head curtain like masks. There is a little spicy eyes. Men and women are Tucao actually want to say that the value of the IU is still very beautiful, but if compared to Liu Shishi is really no classical beauty. Just the two edition of the Korea Korea netizen O’Young but from the first episode and continued to send sugar "Korean" startling step by step, although the plot and acting a little embarrassed, but fortunately there is a beautiful Prince holding body, so in this background we first for Amway several princes, it is convenient to see who is your dish to the lord. Lee Jun-ki: the role of the four Prince Wang Zhao Siye actor Lee Jun-ki as Nicky Wu is, however, in the Korean version of "startling step by step", he is not influenced by the emperor love of the emperor, but also because of a child by her mother drew a scar on the face all day with the mask, so dark and violent character, called wolfdogs. The dark lines in the other too dark y plus bangs is like a mask, so he doesn’t look like a prince. However, even if not love father and mother, but her love is enough, her sister still does not lose the other prince. Still tease sister Jiang River: eight prince that his eight Prince Wang Xu male No. two Jiang River that is playing the role of Kevin Cheng, mature, refined and cultured, since childhood by his father’s attention, is the heir prince, but even if is such a good man, woman is not love him. Eight but the prince refined and cultured the drama in the two men are generally let the audience to the pain, don’t look at Jiang River that looks.相关的主题文章: