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"The murderer is" all the creative "chat Chengdu roadshow best love" –   "entertainment Sohu; also" Xing Chengdu roadshow [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news from the "sun burning heart" directed by Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Wang Yan, Tan Zhuo Hui, North Yan and Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer" also "crime fan children" national tour activities has entered the sixth station. All the way to reap a lot of praise and surprise. In September 10th, director Cao Baoping Liu Ye, Zhang Yi Duan Bowen, with the creator, Yan North to Chengdu, and the Sichuan film and television school students close communication. After viewing the students reflect the warm, have said: "the film director Cao Baoping works the continuation of consistent quality, and join the black humor comedy elements, good-looking, fun, funny." Director Cao Baoping in the field to share with the stars shooting fun, and people are creative chatted about their "the best love in the movie". Next time, their creative will continue with the film and the audience exchange across the country. The film will be released in mid September 14th National archives. Liu Ye said 13 years later with actor Zhang Yi   Liu Ye tried not to mind taking the trouble; "the murderer is roadshow scene film" directed by Cao Baoping last year following the "sun burning heart" after the new works. Following the "sun burning heart" held three winner, again with this film make the film starring Liu Ye won the "Jin Jue prize" winner. In the first few stations of the road show, the film won the audience’s praise. Evaluation of the audience "characters in stereo, all actors acting, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi and Duan Bowen each other collision sparks look very enjoyable", "at the movies, always breaking laughter, for one family to see Liu Ye, the second song Han axis and interpretation of the most incisive, is indeed the gold winner," Zhang Yi plays the "star killer" poker-faced is full of jokes". The conference site, director Cao Baoping tells the story of "Xing" is filming on Liu Ye starred in the "strict requirements, professional actors actually will start very early to prepare for the role of Liu Ye, they cast actually quickly enter the state, running well," Liu Ye added: "the director told me that in fact you want to you break the idol of the shell, when a power to send". When asked if Liu Ye had never thought he would take the actor, Liu Ye said frankly: "acting is a goodly, distance has been a prize for 13 years, feel the benefits are out of this life". When it comes to what to choose their own reasons to attract the director Cao Baoping, Liu Ye said his funny and lovely beauty, director Cao Baoping concluded: "God is the role of the same stock and stupid" in simple terms, a word is a temperament of Liu Ye and song Dick role.   Zhang Yi spoke about the film about Zhang Yi’s performance, Cao also guide praise, Zhang Yi’s character is a color, is responsible for a large part of the humorous play. Zhang Yi modest site, said: there is still a lot of room for improvement". Cao guide revealed Zhang Yi in order to play a good role to add a lot of drama. About the method of deep acting by the director, Zhang Yi also expressed thanks to unremitting probing director, "it is because there are guide.相关的主题文章: