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The mobile phone industry: the market value of 900 million to 460 thousand in 2012 once now Cao Gang media interview (Tencent with map) if know someone asked: who work fail is what kind of experience? ST exhibition Tang (430635) before the actual controller Cao Gang must be qualified to answer. 10 years ago from Japan to Shanghai founded in high and vigorous Spirits Exhibition when Tang technology, Cao Gang did not know, he will be in the mobile phone manufacturing industry in Chinese upheaval, how to leave. At the end of 10 years of returnees shares worth only 180 thousand and 9 month 13 days, known as the "new three discontinued the first" ST Tang announced that Zhejiang Ford asset management Limited by Share Ltd is engaged in the management of non-performing assets to 463 thousand and 400 yuan acquisition. According to the purchase price calculation, Cao Gang shares only 183 thousand and 300 yuan. In April last year, the peak period, the market value of science and technology exhibition was close to 1 billion yuan. For the more than and 100 shareholders of the ST exhibition, the company into a crisis almost no sign. However, since last year, the whole of China’s mobile phone OEM industry chain change, ST exhibition Tang crisis is not surprising. Science and technology exhibition is not a mobile phone foundries, technology background Cao Gang came back from Japan, the two venture, did not intend to intervene in the beginning of low value-added, labor-intensive mobile phone OEM industry. Tang science and technology business model is the first to get the lower reaches of the smart phone brand operator orders, and then to the upstream suppliers to purchase the corresponding parts, and then commissioned third party mobile phone factory assembly process. From the order to the delivery of the whole process, the development of science and technology is to pay the design, technology and software services. 2011 to 2013, domestic smart phones showed explosive growth, the annual income of science and technology exhibition Tang 340 million yuan, soared to more than $1 billion 100 million. Show Tang technology most dependent on the customers of Dongguan Yulong (cool mobile phone), sales of domestic smart mobile phone brand was once one of the top three sales. But by the end of 2014 and early 2015, the market has changed dramatically. With millet, HUAWEI and ZTE etc. the first domestic mobile phone brand price competition, the low-end smart mobile phone profits have been squeezed, some of Dongguan’s mobile phone factory production, each earned a profit of only 1.75 yuan mobile phone. The 2015 New Year’s holiday has not in the past, the mobile phone manufacturing industry was a sensation in the whole industry chain of events: Dongguan Zaoxin communication industry limited company boss Gao Min left after a farewell letter selection Dutch act. He said in the letter, I spend a lot of resources and a lot of friends, still unable to save the factory, Yuandufushu, I lost. The people cornered the reason is simple: the factory was the capital chain rupture, workers pay talks and containment suppliers to recover money. In fact, after the end of lunar new year, Dongguan Zaoxin will usher in a large number of orders, from the hope of recovery is only a month, but the capital chain crisis before but let him in any case also not cross over this ridge. Early in the civil Dutch act before the touch screen is located in Songshan Lake Science and technology firms because the parent company Taiwan Liansheng bankruptcy transferred funds in production, Wangniudun victory de boss run away. This mobile phone factory from Dongguan crisis brewing, and soon spread to Suzhou counterparts. January 2015, sue.相关的主题文章: