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The lunar new year will go to Wuhua to attend the Guangdong spring assembly Invitational – Sports Sohu Beijing time on February 11th, the lunar new year. Wuhan zall team end of the Chinese New Year holiday, assembly in Guangdong Sanshui sounded, opening spring tour. Third foreign aid signing, Ottesen has joined the team, for the first time with the team practice. Speaking of his performance, coach Zheng Xiong said: "Ottesen trained in Wuhan during the Spring Festival. He practiced with the team today. He was in good condition." In the year of monkey spring festival, Wuhan drow team has four days off! After enjoying a short holiday after the lunar new year in Guangdong zall team commanders Sanshui spring assembly. It is understood that during the spring Wuhan zall team will travel to Guangdong Wuhua county to participate in the tournament, teams are Wuhan zall, Zhejiang Yi Teng, Meizhou Hakka and Hongkong Chun, the game will be carried out in Guangdong province Wuhua County stadium. 19 days to start the first round of competition, the winner entered the final. 21 days for the championship runner up and three or four qualifying. In addition, the Wuhan drow team also arranged two teaching competitions, February 26th against Beijing people, and February 28th challenged Changchun yatai. During spring training, Wuhan zall team to continue with competition, actively preparing for the. In February 29th, Wuhan zall team will return to Wuhan the end of spring. New year’s new weather, the first training session of the year of Wuhan monkey, mainly to restore training. Third foreign players signed Ottesen for the first time with the team to practice, the players showed the spirit. Talking about otterson performance, coach Zheng Xiong said: "good drow!" According to coach Zheng Xiong, the team China Lunar New Year holiday for four days, but the foreign players did not leave, gutow, Corrientes, Balaam Ottesen insisted on training in Wuhan. In 2016, a winter transfer window will be closed on February 26th, Wuhan zall team foreign aid has come to an end, Neiyuan has not yet announced a candidate. It is reported that Neiyuan work is being carried out in signing for everything in good order and well arranged, officially announced. (Wing)

卓尔大年初四广东集结春训 将赴五华参加邀请赛-搜狐体育  北京时间2月11日,大年初四。武汉卓尔队结束新年小长假,在广东三水吹响集结号,开启春训之旅。外援第三签,奥特森已经与球队会合,首次和球队合练。谈及奥特森的表现,卓尔主帅郑雄说道:“奥特森春节期间就在武汉训练了,今天和球队合练,状态不错。”   猴年春节,武汉卓尔队放假四天!享受完短暂的假期后,大年初四卓尔队将帅们在广东三水集结春训。据了解,春训期间武汉卓尔队将前往广东五华县参加邀请赛,参赛球队分别是,武汉卓尔、浙江毅腾、梅州客家以及香港骏其,比赛将在广东省五华县体育场进行。19日展开首轮角逐,胜者进入决赛。21日进行冠亚军争夺以及三四名排位赛。   此外,武汉卓尔队还安排了两场教学赛,2月26日对阵北京人和,2月28日挑战长春亚泰。春训期间,武汉卓尔队继续以赛代练,积极备战。2月29日,武汉卓尔队将结束春训返回武汉。   新年新气象,武汉卓尔猴年首堂训练课,主要以恢复训练为主。外援第三签奥特森首次和球队合练,球员们展现出了精气神。谈及奥特森的表现,卓尔主帅郑雄直言:“蛮好!”据主帅郑雄介绍,中国农历新年球队放假四天,但是外援们并没有放假,古托、巴兰特斯、奥特森在武汉坚持训练。   2016年中超、中甲冬季转会窗口将于2月26日关闭,武汉卓尔队外援引进已经告一段落,内援方面至今还未公布一名人选。据悉,内援引援工作正在有条不紊的进行中,静待官方宣布。(Wing)相关的主题文章: