The king of Fighters old game player memoirs favorite Eight Crazy outrageous

"The king of Fighters" old game player memoirs: favorite eight mad outrageous the latest "KOF KOF14" series has met with you, although it may seem not perfect, but it is the only inheritor of blood KOF series. In the increasingly popular fighting game environment, I believe the KOF series will certainly have the opportunity to reproduce the glory of the past. By the "KOF14" of the east wind, the author here with your readers and friends to review the works of the past KOF, we have gone back to the youth. Because the KOF series has a long history and profound content, and the actual content is more difficult to use words to express, so this review does not do technical and tactical research, and focus on the introduction and nostalgia. Milepost KOF94 — dream of battle fighting game in the history of the starting point in today’s view, "KOF94" the simple picture and selection system of human nature (not only choose the team and is not free, the team) even many KOF fans are not able to accept. But this great game in the fighting game history is the undisputed milepost works, it won the annual award authority arcade magazine GAMEST, beat CAPCOM SEGA VR and the demon warrior warrior, was remarkable reputation. The KOF format 3v3 the great invention of the battle mode is a great invention in the history of fighting games. Compared to the previous 1v1 fighting game, KOF94 not only can let the game player to experience more the role of the fighting style in a game, but also consider the strategy of Paibingbuzhen, through the "Tian Ji horse" way to deal with the role of performance g-phase issues. The 3v3 battle mode has not only been fighting game player’s identity, but in many games in the name of "KOF system" is widely used. In addition to the 3v3 Qin Qiong Guan war battle outside, another gimmick KOF94 is the "dream battle" (Dream Match), which is the different combat role a masterpiece together through the battle, the fighting game lovers are together. In addition to their own signature SNK fighting game "legend" and "dragon and tiger fist", and the agency early game "super soldier" and "anger" ability in the role of several original characters and bursting with popularity of the final boss rugel added on the basis of this, the "KOF94" of the 25 National People’s Congress on the establishment of team. At the time of the fighting game standard, 24 optional characters (the final boss can not be used) is indeed a great figure. Although "through" it seems some rotten Street feeling now, but at that time is not a vulgar abuse of the concept of "good VS sakazaki Terry" Guan war scenes like Qin Qiong did, or very exciting. However, KOF94 in "through the scuffle this road may go the wrong direction, it is the KOF series is designed to prepare a set of world view and original characters, which means" legend "and" dragon and tiger boxing "protagonist in the KOF was reduced to a supporting role, but the two game of the match angle position will further decline, and ultimately affect the original brand value. The final result we all see Zhi相关的主题文章: