The Htc Incredible S Boasts A Bookstore For Ebook Readers-noreply

Mobile-Cell-Phone The HTC Incredible S has a bookstore for ebook readers which allows you to enjoy books on the .pact device via the 4 inch Super LCD display with vivid clarity. In .petition with ebook reading devices and other mobile handsets, this phone offers the Android and Sense answer to readers. The handset features a vast array of impressive features besides the ebook reading. These include an 8 megapixel camera and HD camcorder; its full phone capabilities; internal GPS and location based services; integrated social networking and plenty for entertainment. But alongside all of this, it also offers the reader application, an simplistic and well presented app (like most on the handset) for reading eBooks on the phone wherever you go. This app allows you to create and store your own virtual library on your phone, including all the literary classics and modern bestsellers you could want as a bookworm. The app works in conjunction with the Kobo bookstore, which requires your internet connection to download new ebook titles. Some ebook titles are already included on the handset for you to trial too. The Reader is easily and quickly accessible from the Home screen on the Incredible S, as with other Android based HTC handsets, such as the HTC Desire S respectively. Once on the Reader main screen display from the Home screen (takes two taps), you are provided with a thumbnail interface of the most recent ebooks that you have either been reading or have downloaded to your phone. To browse through all of your ebooks available, all you have to do is simply slide your finger either to the left or the right across the user interface. You are also able to tap a list view icon to view the ebooks in a listed interface. Once you have found the ebook you want to read, simply tap it, and it will open. Then all you need to do is slide your fingers between left or right to flick through its pages. As with other apps on the handset, you can zoom in and out by spreading or pinching your thumb and index fingers across the display also. You can also drag a slider shown to jump to other parts of the ebook, add a bookmark to .e back to and change the font size. The HTC Incredible S provides many impressive features and has some of the best hardware over other HTC handsets even. The Reader app allows ebook readers to really use the handset for reading as well. The app is simple to use, quick to access and provides great entertainment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: