The Facebook field force are used in the body of the social VR sweets parade

The Facebook field force are used in the body of the VR VR social dimension if real sun intelligent mobile phone let you hear and see thousands of miles away friends, then VR will let him really sit in front of you. Beijing time on October 6th, in this year’s Oculus Connect developer conference, social VR finally stood in the center of the stage. As the most important software products on the conference, Oculus and Facebook bring the VR social service called Avatar. Avatar is the first to show how social VR provides users with a venue, allowing users to create avatars, in a more intimate way than video calls, to let you meet with family or friends. Avatar allows users to design their own virtual image, and can be based on Facebook’s social network and friends to simulate real human interaction, not just gestures and actions, even facial expressions can be simulated. At the press conference, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and his wife also was the virtual reality scene interaction, it seems people laughing. Although Avatar is only a VR software products, but it can be seen from the Facebook and Oculus’s ambition: VR is not just to make the game becomes realistic so simple, social perhaps the significance of the existence of VR. Zuckerberg want to engage in social VRFacebook acquisition of Oculus in 2014, it was originally a game based company, so the game player may feel it provides social VR experience familiar. If you have ever played "Grand Theft Auto", "Sims" or any other simulation game, you may already know its principle — to create avatars. At this year’s developer conference, Zuckerberg with a Oculus Rift helmet shows the social experience of Facebook in the VR environment may look like. In the Facebook world of VR, you can choose a variety of facial features and clothing options to represent the real self. These avatars will not only blink like a real person, try to imitate the real speech when the lips open and close, but also can express facial expressions. "Our avatars can express emotions and expressions, such as’ smile ‘and’ doubt ‘and’ listen ‘," Facebook wrote in a post." Facebook shows a way to share photos, videos, and posts with friends in VR, basically sharing them with the Facebook platform itself. You can even call in Facebook Messenger, or VR self time photos to share on Facebook. The Facebook platform has nearly 1 billion 650 million monthly users, it also provides some scenes, let all people can meet and interact in these scenarios: called "virtual space Oculus room" can accommodate up to 8 people watching TV, listening to music, or playing chess game. Of course, this practice and!相关的主题文章: