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Food-and-Drink When it .es to the conflicts between foods, many people would want to know if they are true and what they should do about it. Therefore, let me introduce this phenomenon to you. My topic is The conflicts between foods: yes or no? Firstly, what are the conflicts between foods? In my opinion, its the phenomenon that when you eat two or more kinds of secure foods at the same time, which contain different nutrients, you may get poisoned or even lose your life. It is very easy for us the find books introducing the conflicts between foods and many of the books begin with the introducing remarks as according to the Chinese medicine. However, expert from many bodies have declared that they have not found any narration of this in authoritative Chinese traditional medicine books. Then, what are the experts opinions? Its said that our nutritionists and biochemists have done many detailed scientific experiments many years ago. They found theres nothing abnormal after eating those foods together. They also investigated many housewives by asking if they have had the similar reaction at home and the answer is no. So they concluded that the conflicts between foods didnt exist in the homely three meals a day. But do the conflicts between foods really exist? As for zhang Zhongjings book referring to 48 couples of food that cant be put together to eat, experts think these statements do not fully make any sense. They define the conflicts between foods as an untoward effect caused by eating mixed food of two or more characters. Though the former experiments didnt confirm any symptoms, according to the medical theory analysis and patients stomach structure, the conflicts of foods do really exist. Although some conflicts really make sense, some other more are just made up. Up to now, sound proof have not been offered besides some mere guess made by some so-called experts. Whats more, experts say that a balanced diet will not cause the conflicts between foods. No matter whether there are conflicts between foods, we should take in a balanced diet. From what we have learned about the conflicts between foods, as long as you pay more attention to your diets and keep a balanced diet, you will not feel sick and have abnormal effect. As for the conflicts between foods, we can neither totally deny it, nor believe anything that others say. The key of a healthy diet lies in moderation. Therefore, lets make reasonable arrangements for our diet. Keep a balanced diet and we will get away from the conflicts between foods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: