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The chest "field force" is how to vent? Come after doing Sohu when the female maternal childbirth, the chest will become larger than before, but also will cause trouble to the mothers after childbirth will encounter different degree of engorgement. Because of rising milk output and water milk and increased connective tissue within the breast caused by. If the baby is not much, or maternal milk secretion appears up milk, will make women have a "force field" no place to vent feelings. In fact, the impact of women’s milk on children is not large, but it will make mothers feel very uncomfortable. If you encounter a rising milk situation how to solve? Ease postpartum engorgement "small coup" in fact, your baby is the best helper for postpartum milk up if you have up milk, you can let the baby to suck milk, can alleviate the symptoms of rising milk, can provide sufficient nutrients to the baby. Breast milk is a good tool. Some maternal milk secretion is very strong, a baby alone can’t finish this time, mothers can choose breast pump to help yourself, avoid too much milk siltation. In the choice of pump suction must choose appropriate, uncomfortable situation does not appear to care. Hot towel, improve breast circulation. We all know that warm water helps the body’s blood circulation. Therefore, hot compress can also effectively improve the situation of breast. In the baby before hot towel. But it is worth reminding that the hot compress must be avoided when the nipple area, because around the nipple skin is very delicate, easy to burn. Massage is also a way. Massage is also very effective, you can let your darling he massage your breasts. Are generally holding his hands on one side of the breast, and breast massage to the nipple from alternate position. These methods can be effective to alleviate the situation of maternal milk, and milk up the situation may wish to try. In the course of lactation, if the situation is not alleviated milk, it is recommended to the hospital for maternal examination.相关的主题文章: