The camera was 7 plus with iPhone We measured it. didadi

The camera was 7 Plus with iPhone? We measured iPhone 7 since the release of mobile phone camera and high seckill tone, especially the dual camera combination of iPhone 7 Plus, is to go a little detours to realize optical zoom function, the future will also update the bokeh new function synthesis. The development of mobile phone camera features can be described with each passing day. Of course, there is no less mobile phone instead of SLR argument. Out of curiosity for the iPhone 7 Plus picture quality, we take it directly and single electric, SLR camera contrast. The camera is 7 Plus with iPhone? We compare them to the fact that mobile phones have been replaced by card cameras, and now you see that camera manufacturers don’t have to develop card cameras to see how serious the problem is. But now the mobile phone and flirting with SLR cameras, there may be a lot of people really look forward to, but the mobile phone and SLR cameras, the gap has been, perhaps one day will be roughly the same in imaging, but certainly not today. So today for this comparison, the purpose is not to see the phone is not a second SLR, but look at the season’s new phones and SLR cameras there are still many gaps. IPhone 7 Plus dual camera iPhone each generation of products have a large number of fruit powder in the chase, this is the envy of many manufacturers. So as the IOS camp, every year in September iPhone conference are of concern, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release means that Apple users to the collective upgrade time. But the apple make a fuss in the camera, naturally attract more fans gestures. Compared to the mobile phone manufacturers have always been on camera upgrades in new product development, the iPhone 7 Plus plus the new stuff, dual camera is a new set of iPhone for the first time, a new type of mobile phone camera is set, and the application of different mobile phone manufacturers for their dual camera is different, is playing a new set of various new tricks the. Dual camera iPhone 7 Plus dual camera iPhone 7 Plus is mainly to zoom operation, two camera is a 12 million pixel sensor, one of them is 28mm, f1.8 specifications of the lens, also a 56mm f2.8 lens. This makes two times zoom iPhone 7 Plus from the past into a digital zoom optical zoom, but the principle is not to use the zoom lens, but switch two different camera viewfinder, to light to the mobile phone, but also support the optical zoom is not easy, like this set is perhaps the most eclectic, so the future is likely to see the 4 camera, 8 version of the camera? In addition to the setup of the dual camera, iPhone7 Plus also supports optical anti shake feature, improve the success rate of readily photographed. IPhone 7 Plus iPhone Plus refresh iPhone beat again 7.相关的主题文章: