The beauty of the shining arc test Nissan ingenuity new Kroraina automobile Sohu yuanmu

The beauty of the shining arc try new Nissan Kroraina ingenuity – Sohu auto page first: the appearance of new Kroraina after January, once again set foot on the journey that China beauty. This activity is designed to "Pinyun Jiangnan culture" as the theme of the quest, the team from the fashion capital of Shanghai, via Suzhou, Yixing two southern cultural city, along the way to visit the design master representative of traditional Jiangnan culture, find elements of masterpieces arc bring aesthetic feeling, these have injected the unique ingenuity to the traditional elements of the times.   straight line and arc, from the natural landscape to the humanities, filled in our surrounding, quietly acting on our intuition and sense of. Accustomed to them, but not on the straight and arc is the United States to make a judgment, hope that through this "new Kroraina found Chinese beauty — Pinyun Jiangnan cultural quest, to find the answer, but also can discover the new beauty of Kroraina from a new perspective.   the team is about to start, today the first journey to me more relaxed, as long as the Nissan " enjoy the legendary in the back seat; the sofa seat " on the line. Shut the door, the whole people instantly relax, the first is physical comfort, the new Kroraina car seats are all using the zero gravity chair Nissan, has the sense of the package and a good support to the back, waist and legs. In addition, the biggest feeling is quiet, through the decibel test of the new Kroraina in the idle speed of the car noise is only about 35 dB, which is equivalent to the value of the bedroom and library. In this environment, I am afraid the most sorry is the driver, because the player at the rear independent screen MV and 11 speaker BOSE audio fidelity ear spread of music really just as a passenger to complete the journey in a comfortable environment.       (Editor: Liu Jiyang) second pages: interior and power in general, the suspension of large and medium SUV suspension will be more comfortable between the comfort and maneuverability. But the new Kroraina before and after the suspension toughness is strong, giving the feeling that the adjustment is relatively hard, more biased manipulation, which I did not expect. In the vehicle high speed cornering, hard suspension setting can make people feel enough support, body roll phenomenon is not very obvious. However, in the bumpy filter will be a little bit worse, but the Kroraina seat is very soft and thick, the general bumpy road will not affect the mood of passengers.           new Kroraina steering wheel does not belong to a kind of light, medium and high speed when the steering wheel moderate intensity, giving people a stable feeling. In the continuous bending, the front can be firm in accordance with the direction of the steering wheel forward, with a good driving pleasure. But wanton driving fun maintenance is not a long time, in the Jiangnan area bustling always unexpected congestion. On the way to the purple Master Studio, the situation of average speed is not fast, 30% time are more traffic jams, traffic computer shows the average fuel consumption is 1)相关的主题文章: