The 6 year old belly 22 needle or have existed for decades

The 6 year old belly 22 needle or have existed for decades a faint stomach pain, eat vomiting, Taixing city elderly Zhu Gui Gu Xi Zhen Heng duo community 67 years old (a pseudonym), this more than a week is very uncomfortable, do not know how. Can not help it. Yesterday, he called his sister in Wuxi. More than and 60 year old sister hurried back, with his brother to Taixing City People’s hospital. This check, No. Zhu Gui had 22 stitches in his stomach. More surprising is that after careful examination, the needle in the belly of Zhu GUI has been for many years. Thriller 67 year old belly full of embroidery needle "you come back to see your brother uncomfortable stomach ache, can not eat, eat to be spat." Yesterday morning, in Wuxi with grandson Zhu Mei (a pseudonym) received a phone call from his brother. Zhu Mei hurried back to. "My brother, a small brain is not good, but can take care of their own lives." Zhu Mei with his brother came to Taixing City People’s Hospital, told the doctor, what is the problem with him, probably no one asked what. Sure enough, the doctor asked for a long time, Zhu GUI will only repeatedly said, stomach pain, stomach pain, stomach pain. How does it hurt? Why does it hurt? Zhu Gui can’t say anything. OK, let’s make a CT first. No, this guy has a lot of embroidery needles! The doctor who made CT couldn’t help crying. Ah! Ah! Ah! Everyone exclaimed. How did this happen? Where to the embroidery needle? How to Zhu GUI’s stomach? Puzzled 22 needles in the stomach for many years, very rare, but also very dangerous." Taixing City People’s Hospital Department of general surgery the doctor said, from the film, there are at least 22 needle Zhu GUI’s stomach. These needles are 5 cm long, most of them on the abdominal wall, and there are more than 3 of them have been moved to the deep part of the abdominal cavity, more dangerous. Once the big blood vessels, there will be life-threatening." "These needles may have been in the stomach for decades." Dr Ching said, the surface of the body without any needle Zhu gui. The deep 3 needles, only in many, many years ago into the stomach, it will slowly shift to the deep part of the abdominal cavity. Besides, some of Zhu Gui’s stomach is growing up with the abdominal wall. Do not rule out a possibility. Dr Ching said, when Zhu GUI is very small, can not express, was stabbed his belly full of embroidery needle. Oh, this is who do wicked things? Zhu Mei immediately cried, can not imagine, so many years, how is his brother over. In everyone’s proposal, Zhu dialed 110. Currently, Taixing police began to investigate the matter. But, unfortunately, what to do for Zhu GUI stomach needle? The doctor said, because too many embroidery needles, some of the bar too deep, too long, there is no effective treatment.相关的主题文章: