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Internet-and-Business-Online There are countless social media marketing .panies trying to gain a majority of the total population of online users networking and engaging in socialized activities. Over the past five to eight years, the internet has seen a considerable increase in the rate of social networking sites being setup. As for the number of online users and activity in this niche, it has been phenomenally climbing up by the millions. And with the increasing accessibility of the internet, shifting from the shops to the home, from dial-up to broadband, more and more people across the age spectrum have gained access to these. A statistical analysis by an online entity named Pingdom has .e up with figures regarding what social media marketing .panies and services the different age groups converge. The average age group of online users across the top 19 social networking sites was pegged to be at 37. It is a .mon mistake among people to think that it would be around a much younger age, like about 20 to 30. Even if this specific age group is highly interactive and seeking social connections online, the actual age which engage and transact are those in the middle 30’s. This is also one of the very reasons why social media as a tool in general is an excellent choice to boost your online business productivity and efficiency. There are billions of users subscribed in these websites, and they are all potential clients for businesses. Online business may want to have their profile established first in one of the more popular social media marketing .panies like LinkedIn. This specific website is centered more on business deals, information, and transaction then any other surveyed website. And with an average user age group of around 44, it is a wise move to be part of this growing .munity of online businessmen. This allows for promotional and marketing strategies that are more specific, thus hitting the target market more efficiently and effectively. The trend is generally the same across the other surveyed websites such as Digg, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, Xanga, and others, with a specific mention on two of these. Bebo caters to the younger age group of under 17 category while Classmates.. does the same for those above 50. Age specific businesses may want to highly consider these two if it applies to their business. So instead of relying solely on traditional marketing attempts, apply the same ideologies on more current technologies. Make your online time count and turn your business into a success with Social Media Marketing tools. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: