Suzhou intelligent cooked fish ponds on the table without the smell of fish

Suzhou is not intelligent fishpond cooked fish on the table fish smell of agricultural IOT refers to the information collected by various sensors to help farmers to find problems, and to accurately determine the location of the problem. In other words, farmers planting or breeding of agricultural products, stay at home, look at mobile phone or instrument can be acquired in the field or the aquaculture production of agricultural products, and to find the problem in time, is "lazy" love. Recently, in Jiangsu Suzhou, the reporter saw the intersection of application of agricultural IOT has been relatively mature, pond water quality can be monitored online, certificate of origin and inspection sweep the two-dimensional code can be found in agricultural products, farmers can not only reduce the manpower and material resources, and ensure the agricultural products quality safety traceability. Wang Rongquan and his intelligent fishpond a piece of 320 acres of fish ponds, 98.5% of the water used to purify, only 1.5% of the water used for farming, and the output value is much higher than ordinary fish ponds. 23, 2009, the intersection of reporters in Suzhou, Wujiang national modern agricultural demonstration park to see such a wonderful fish ponds, thanks to the use of efficient facilities for the use of the Internet of things, wonderful fish breeding efficiency is very high. Fish head Wang Rongquan told the intersection of reporters, fish ponds in the use of things, is actually intelligent ecological fish, is currently used in the "low carbon efficient pond recirculating fish culture technology", the difference between technology and general pond lies in its use of water equipment to ensure the pond water circulation flow, collection of fish feces and residue bait by washing sewage device, planting aquatic plants and flowers stocking silver carp, snail, aquaculture water ecological. With good water, fish is not easy to get sick, fish product quality is also high. The pond is only 1.5% of the area used to fish the reporter on the scene saw 29 artificial sink consisting of farms in the area is not large, and is surrounded by vast water area, farms accounted for only 1.5% of the fish ponds, 29 sets of filtration system will import 1.5% of the 98.5% aquaculture area of water purification, ensure water area the 24 hour cycle flow, enhance the viability of fish. Living water aquaculture tank 22 meters long, 5 meters wide, 2 meters high, this is a small sink in the harvest season can catch more than 30 thousand pounds of refined fish, fish ponds and common yield compared to double, the sales price is higher than ordinary fish. The reporter also saw the fish culture zones feed and drugs all adopt precise, mechanization, can save the medication 90%, fish breeding tank can be continuously under water swing, the equivalent of every day to do exercise, strong disease resistance, so consumers do not have to worry about whether the fish eat the pill. "Although the culture area is small, but high economic benefit, artificial small investment, annual output value of 23000 yuan per mu, Mu annual profit of 5000 yuan a year, the whole pond fish net income more than 1 million 500 thousand yuan, and after the production of cooking fish is not fishy, very popular with consumers!" Wang Rongquan said the person in charge of the pond. The intersection of the reporter learned that, at present this kind of breeding technology is the first in the country, has the exclusive patent, also is in the leading position in the world for the future, Wang Rongquan intelligent fish farms to invest more, no fishy fish on the table with more people. The same.相关的主题文章: