Such as new biography, Wallace Huo Xun Zhou Yi net exposure to look at each other in full of silentl

"Such as Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo, Yi Chuan" exposure to look at each other still full of silently conveyed tenderness Beijing newspaper news (reporter Feng Nan) produced by the new Laguna TV, the original author Liu Lianzi screenwriter, director Wang Jun’s "Yi Zhuan" palace dramas such as photos, stills released yesterday, starring Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo, Janine Chang, Yao Tong, Xin Zhilei, Li Chun, Hu He the role of modeling exposure et al. Still, whether Qian Long’s robes or clothes, and Houfei’s hair ornaments, all revealed exquisite gorgeous style. The drama producer Huang Lan said: "as for the" Yi Zhuan "grand and magnificent works, we still adhere to the" historical drama production standards "requirement of the whole group, the overall production positioning in the" new classical "." The show before the start, the film side has released the first one, such as the emperor Qian Long Yi after close interaction graph, while the exposure of the stills photos, Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo once again offer a look at each other, full of silently conveyed tenderness. It is reported that the play has filmed scenes mainly in Yangxin temple, Yan Xi palace and Mulan Wei Chang, and Yan Xi palace as Qianlong ascended the throne, as the first place in the palace after Yi, a lot of scenes in the scene of two people. In this scene, such as Yi heart to the future, do not have rumors of worries, but there was Qian Long will have to protect her full confidence. In the stills release, also revealed several important empresses the drama characters, the other in the basis of respect for the historical facts also joined the modern aesthetic, is born out of character, but also reflects the fate of the empress palace change radically.相关的主题文章: