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The pound fell below the record low, Britain became the cheapest country to buy luxury goods Sohu since June this year the British Tourism voted off Europe, pound on the way down, and more recently fell to around 8.2 now and There was no parallel in history., the euro exchange ratio has become 1:1.1. All goods are equal to a direct ten percent off. It is the best time to travel to the UK, while most of the goods have not yet started to adjust prices. A buddy has been unable to bear his wallet, ready to plan a trip to England to buy buy buy. You bring the boats over complete British shopping guide, do not hurry to pack away ~ large UK discount shopping village Outlets Bicester Village || Bicester village is located in the Oxford suburb of Bicester village can be said to be a large discount of England’s most popular places for shopping. It has more than 130 high-end brands, every day a large number of tourists shopping reception. In addition to Burberry, Gucci, Valentino, Prada and other big names, here can also find Cath Kidston, Levi ‘s, Clarks and other popular brands in the United Kingdom parity. Before shopping, we must go to the service center to consult, usually have a variety of discount coupons can take. In addition to a comfortable shopping environment, the village also offers free WiFi, tax rebates, gift packaging and other services for tourists, if you get tired can also be directly in the coffee shop and restaurant in the shopping village to rest. However, because most of the time there are a lot of tourists, dining often takes a long time to wait in line, so if the time is not enough to bring some of the best food in advance. Address: 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6WD way: London departure: train – London Marylebone station, to Bicester Village station, by car for 50 minutes. Victorial Coach Station – bus station take the bus line to Bicester village, about 1 hours. Oxford departure: Oxford station to take the train to Bicester Village station, in the middle of the need to transfer at Oxford Parkway, a total of about 35 minutes. Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: Sunday: 09:00-21:00 9:00-20:00: bicestervillage The Galleria website || Hatfield shopping center located in the north of London Hatfield The Galleria is a large indoor shopping discount center, with more than and 80 stores, including FrenchConnection, Ghost, Jaeger brand, Calvin Klein, king of相关的主题文章: