Spiral line in September 20th the whole realm of open information platform beta tianbi

"Spiral line" in September 20th the whole realm of open information platform beta state of fantasy, at your fingertips. By the Shanghai cloud snail (KUMORA) Japanese fantasy RPG Mobile Games "spiral line" development realm today has brought heavy news in September 20th to open the whole platform beta. In addition to the first beta date exposed, "boundary line" spiral landing TGS debut, and get the recommended number of Asia AppStore several times news in recent performance is quite brisk.   game show debut in Tokyo native RPG TGS Mobile Games debut with the publication of "spiral" boundary line beta news, Tokyo game show (Tokyo Game Show, referred to as TGS) will also be opened in the middle of this month. The spiral boundary line will debut TGS2016. In the TGS field, "spiral" boundary line will show a series of games including OP animation, overseas game player: Zeta and SSIdolCos served as music director Wang Yimeng will visit the scene, face to face interaction with the overseas game player; by the famous director Yu Bridge Zhiguang (representative of "CODE GEASS rebel Lu Lu repair", "Gundam" series) Miuccia production, Japanese flavor OP animation also believe it will be loved by overseas game player. In addition, the demo area official team is still booth set up, they can not only experience overseas game player to the latest version of the game, the more chance to win various prizes limited edition.   apple Google dual platform to push much of Asia "boundary line" spiral lead boom in August AppStore Chinese District line, issued in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other Asian regions, and have been in line in the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan several recommended content area App Store home and game area, Taiwan the largest game information portal is a precedent for Bahamut HH were fully explained to enlarge home recommended, HH won the unanimous endorsement of Apple game player and regional editor on the quality of the game. With the excellent quality of the game, I believe that the "spiral" boundary line platform beta, will bring more dazzling achievements. The   all star team; a battle line painter seiyuu "spiral line" by the original producer SEGA state that Yoshikawa X genius musician Zeta X well-known light novel author Jay’s senior diamond coffee production team to create a two dimension; and the famous director Yu Bridge Zhiguang (representative of "CODEGEASS", the rebellious Luluxiu "Gundam" series) Miuccia OP animation game. Miya Rie, Aya Uchida, Tomatsu Haruka, Tian Xi saw more than 30 Japanese seiyuu out of line service, local super luxury CV lineup inferior area 11 big; by including the "million king Arthur" series and "chain wars" "Three Kingdoms" black cat Chavez "flurry" games such as painting division, more than 40 domestic and foreign big contact, together to create a beautiful super fine Li card set painting, the whole platform beta is bound for many game player bring this year the most gorgeous two dimensional visual feast.   by Miya Rie, in the field of color tick相关的主题文章: