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UnCategorized Not everyone can do an ebook and lose weight, or do a website and lose weight. One of the sites I tried out awhile back was a calorie count website, but it was so .pletely off the books that it was almost stupid to even do. The program itself was cool because it counted your calories, but as far as your BMI went and what you SHOULD be eating it was totally wrong. I stayed on that program for 3 months before I started gaining MORE weight and decided to quit it! Then, I found a few more programs that were more contoured to fit REAL people and they were made by real people. Not only made, but run by real people. The program was created to provide clients with a way to achieve results by defeating the twin evils of procrastination and lack of motivation. The program successfully translates virtual fitness into real results by teaching mental fitness techniques that allow you to stay consistent in your personal fitness program. What’s more, this is ac.plished without pain, dis.fort, or inconvenience! This is something you can do right from your very own home, it’s a one on one virtual training option which means you will have your own personalized trainer that is going to be available to you, and it will be contoured to fit YOUR body, YOUR needs and YOUR goals. You could have two people that are at the same program, they both need to lose weight and get fit. But does that mean they need the same things? No! One person might need more work on their stomach, while the other needs more work on their thighs. One person might be a little older, the other one a little younger. One might have back problems, where the other has NO health problems. Just because two people are looking for the same thing doesn’t mean you can treat them with the same "medicine". You have to treat people differently, and that is exactly what these programs do. Your personal trainer is going to customize YOUR program for what you need and what you don’t need. The personal training, as said above, is going to be right at your home and your .puter. This trainer is most likely going to have other people they are training as well – but not too many to the point where if you need them they won’t be available to you. These virtual trainers are going to customize everything for you. Once they ask you a few questions about your health history, what you like to eat, what areas you want to work on, etc. They will send you a customized overview of what you should start eating, what you should stay away from, what exercises you need to start doing, how long, etc. You will even get customized made videos just for you! Sounds pretty awesome right? This has to be expensive too! Well not necessarily. One of the websites I found online actually offered a few different membership options. They had long-term, short-term, quick weight loss, toning programs, and even budget programs for those of you that want results but can’t be expected to pay more than your budget. See you really can lose the weight you want and it won’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Personally I like the virtual option. It’s something I have never heard of before, but something I am .pletely interested in trying out! You should check it out too! Who knows what it may bring to your life and your health! Other specialized programs that this can be .pared to are Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, but with the program you actually get a full-time trainer to help you with all of your needs. Whereas with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers you have to do it more on your own. You still get support and can go to support groups — but it simply does not have the same benefits! To lose weight and get in shape, you can also try other programs such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. However, with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, you will have to leave your house, you will have to get over being un.fortable in front of other individuals despite your weight problems, and you will be paying a lot more! On the other hand, you could also end up meeting some really quaint acquaintances by using JC or WW. In the end, it’s going to depend on you and what you want and how you think it would benefit YOU to lose weight. Frankly, I always like to exercise at home by myself rather than with other people because it helps me to focus better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: