SpaceX rocket explosion Facebook 1 billion 300 million yuan satellite scrap splitit

The rocket exploded SpaceX Facebook 1 billion 300 million yuan SpaceX rocket test scrapped satellite on the launch pad when it accidentally exploded, the first satellite Internet led directly to Facebook was completely destroyed, the loss amounted to $200 million (about 1 billion 330 million yuan). Local time on September 1st morning, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in Florida not enough Cape Canaveral Air Force Station explosion. According to the original plan, it will launch its first Internet satellite "Amos-6" on Saturday afternoon at Facebook local time, but confirmed by SpaceX, the satellite has been completely destroyed. Amos-6 satellite just yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark ·, when the visit to Nigeria, Zuckerberg also introduced the high-profile launch of the satellite. Amos-6 satellite made by the Israeli Aviation Industry Corp, weighing about 5 tons, the cost of $200 million, the original plan to provide Internet services in parts of sub Saharan africa. The reason to provide Internet service via satellite, Zuckerberg once said: "the people want to connect living in remote areas, connected by the traditional network facilities will be very difficult, and very inefficient, so we need to invent new technology." The satellite did not, in fact there are Facebook Aquila solar powered UAV to provide Internet service, flying in the 6-9 million feet (1.8-2.7 meters) in the stratosphere, communication can create a range of 50 kilometers in 90 days, the signal will pass the signal tower on the ground is converted to Wi-Fi or LTE network for human use. Facebook hopes to launch ten thousand Aquila uav.相关的主题文章: