Some Historical Sites To Explore During Archaeological Turkey

Vacation-Rentals The historical Ephesus is not all about the Temple of Artemis. There is no doubt that the temple was magnificent achievement for the city. But city has lot of other things to offer as well. The Terrace houses were found in the city during 1960s excavation and these houses attract many visitors. Along with that Greater theater is another great monument present in the city. If you choose to look beyond the shopping, food and fun at the Ephesus, you will definitely find a way to explore hidden wonders of the Ephesus. In past, this city has witnessed rule by various cultures and kings. It has left strong mark of it on the architecture. Try to capture archaeological Ephesus in your journey. The Greater Theater monument was strategically located on the Panayir Mountain from where you can easily look at the harbor. It was built during 3rd century BC under the leadership of the Hellenistic King Lysimachos. Lysimachos was also served as the chief of army for the Alexander the Great. The Greater theater was used during music events, festival celebration and important city meetings. The place was constructed and reconstructed during various rules. Both Greek and Roman eras constructed the theatre for important events. It became largest theater of Anatolia as it had maximum audience capacity of 25,000 people. Archaeological Ephesus is definitely very exciting. Even if you know about the details of structures like Greater Theater, you will realize how amazing these places are. Two walkways divide the seats in the theatre which has marble made 66 rows of seats. The class division is also apparent from the structure of seats. The upper section was meant for common people. The lower seats have comfortable backs which are supposed to be occupied by important personalities in the city during event. For better visibility, the stage was built 18 meters high. The stage was beautified with various columns, windows, statues and reliefs. Famous gladiator and animal fights also took place in the theatre. Action movie enthusiasts should definitely look forward to this theatre. The Earthquake hit the city and destroyed its many important structure. At that times, ruined marble of the theatre was used to construct other building in the city. In summer, the Grand Theatre is still used for many concerts. The village of Sirince is just 30 kilometers away were the people still follow the Greek way of life. It has olive gardens, wheat fields, orchards and traditional wine houses as well. Take a bus from Ephesus to visit this village and get lost in a history for a while. The cave of Zeus is one of the most unexplored spot by tourists in the region. It is a secret cave located in the dense forest of the national park nearby. If you have opted for the jeep safari, it would be your last stop of the trip. The cave has crystal clear water where you can take a dip and kill the heat. Despite high temperatures in the summer, the water is very cold inside the cave. Article source: ..articlesbase../destinations-articles/some-historical-sites-to-explore-during-archaeological-turkey-tours-7379595.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: