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It is obvious that an SEO copywriter needs to be creative to ac.plish his tasks but there are certain other qualities as well that should be present in a good SEO copywriter. A professional SEO copywriter must have these skills so that he can deliver excellent and timely results. Read on to know more about these qualities. Knowledge and understanding of the SEO process- The SEO copywriter should know the SEO process in and out. Being an average copywriter will not take you anywhere. Todays scenario demands you to have extraordinary skills so that you can increase the conversion rate and bring in more customers to the website. Keyword research and analysis abilities- some of the .panies hire the SEO copywriters just to search for the keywords that can be used while marketing the website. If you are a copywriter and know the process of finding the best keywords to be used, you have more chances of being hired by good .panies. Relevant experience- this can be stated as the biggest factor to be considered while hiring a SEO copywriter. Writing well is not enough. Writing keyword rich copies is what needs to be done to be able to make your presence felt on the internet. Understanding of fluent usage of modern marketing tools- It is important for SEO copywriter to have know-how of the new advertisement techniques and strategies so that higher ranking can be achieved easily. Proper knowledge of keyword density- There is a perfect keyword density for every page of a website. The keywords need to be used in a particular manner and are not meant to be stuffed into the web pages. A good copywriter must know how to put in the keywords in the pages to attain maximum rankings. Awareness about the importance of the word count- some of the article submission sites have specified word requirements and the SEO copywriter must abide by it. Acquaintance with the process and importance of keyword placement- placement of the keywords has an impact on the rankings of the website on the search engines. A good copywriter should know that the keywords have to appear in the beginning of the page in order to be more efficient and search engine friendly. Understanding of power of words- a good SEO copywriter will produce copies that induce action taking responses in the readers. The copywriter has to know about the powerful words and their usage in the web pages. Knack to catch the nerve of the audience- the knowledge of writing is basic to all the copywriters but an SEO copywriter that does not know much about the target audience will not be able to write effective copies. Knowledge of links and structure is important- A good SEO copywriter has to know about the ways to get maximum links for his page. Creating a hierarchical structure important for the websites that are .plex in nature and that can only be done by a good SEO copywriter. Ability to beat the deadlines- all the skills of an SEO copywriter will go waste if he does not know how to .plete his work timely. Regardless of the efforts he puts into writing the copies, they will not turn out to be effective if they are not written on time. If you need to hire a SEO copywriter or if you are a copywriter by profession, this information will be of great help to you. All these qualities are the perfect ingredients of a good SEO copywriter. Freelance Copywriter Or In-house Copy Writer In India – What To Opt By: shubhranashu – The cost of quality content production .pels the digital marketers to .pare the options – hire freelance copywriter or employ in-house copy writer. Both the options have pros and cons. The article explores some facts to guide you decide right. 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