Small loan 35100 yuan to buy a car for $8 to spend $14200 interest fee

Small loans 35100 yuan to buy a car for 8 months to spend 14200 yuan interest fee – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Ying) foreign guy Kai Peng (pseudonym) signed a contract with the loan company, until the discovery rate is too high, and loan prepayment. Ultimately, interest, fees, liquidated damages and other expenses add up to more than 14000 yuan. To sign a contract to stay hidden in November last year, Peng Kai in Hanyang gold mouth Zotye 4S shop loan to buy a 58500 yuan car. Because there is no real estate, the account is not in Wuhan, unable to apply for bank loans, he can only handle financial loans. According to Peng Kai 4S shop shopping guide Xiaoqin, payment of 4000 yuan loan fees, 1800 yuan car loan, fee of GPS and 23400 heads of state. 3 days later, the small beam Yi Xin Financial Leasing Corporation "call Peng kai. Peng Kai phone asked the loan interest rate, the other said "to see the borrower qualification." Two days later, Xiao Liang and Peng, Xiao Qin, together in the 4S shop signed a loan contract. Peng Kai loans to 35100 yuan, 3 years. That new car, Peng Kaitong beam, to the Che Kwun vehicle mortgage formalities. Kai Peng admitted that he did not see the contract terms. The custody fee of 500 Yuan Peng Kai angered party then, according to the monthly repayment amount of 1340 yuan is 8 months. Last month, Peng Kai Internet inquiries, found rates of up to 15.88%, you still owe more than 3 yuan of the principal. Peng Kai to cobble together the remaining 30780 yuan, in September 8th repaid all loans, and paid 2000 yuan for the repayment of liquidated damages caused by. Peng Kai told reporters calculations: the average monthly repayment of 1340 yuan, a total of 8 months 10720 yuan; 4000 yuan fee, prepayment penalty 2000 yuan, GPS1800 yuan, plus 30780 yuan before the principal, a total of 49300 yuan, 35100 yuan loan principal minus 8 months, finally spent 14200 dollars in interest charges. May be in accordance with the 3 year repayment period, all interest charges to be $18940. After the repayment, Peng Kai loan company sent with him to the car for the release of mortgage formalities, but the other side and opening to 500 yuan "the custody fee", Peng Kai unwilling to pay. Signed a contract to keep your eyes open to reporters to the name of the loan to buy a car called the 4S shop staff Xiao Qin, Qin said, through the company financial loan their Xinyi car loans, in addition to the principal interest, only need to pay 3000 yuan fee, no other costs. Reporters asked about the cost of GPS and early repayment of liquidated damages, Xiaoqin just to say: GPS cost is indeed, early repayment default is not currently, but does not rule out the future there will be." Reporters call trabecular, trabecular contact reporter jiang. Jiang Kai Peng manager said, must pay 500 yuan fee charges, but Jiang manager admitted: "the custody fee will not appear in the contract." Wuhan Baorui Tianyuan firm Zhang Jianhao lawyers said: "the contract did not specify the custody fee, so Peng Kai can refuse to pay"相关的主题文章: