SLI csgo finals under the line of the Chinese team situation is grim

SLi CSGO offline finals team Chinese packet grim long-awaited SL i-League stars League line final last battle, the 16 top teams gathered in Ukraine Kiev, will be held during September 7-11 to a top CSGO visual feast. Just yesterday, we are very concerned about the situation of the group has been hot baked, carrying the expectations of the domestic fans of the two Chinese teams will face a very serious challenge. A group: NIP, HellRaisers, GODSENT, Dignitas in the finals, A group is a pure European Group, the four teams are from the European teams. Among them, in accordance with the paper strength, NIP and GODSENT after the reorganization is the world’s top ten teams, the biggest hope of qualifying. HellRaisers and Dignitas do not underestimate the strength of the horse, in the frequent CSGO game, everything is possible. Group B: G2, MVP, the most remarkable FaZe, FlipSid3 in B group is undoubtedly the G2 team has just one handsome gun, in this version of the burst after strengthening with the performance of shox headshot brother very exciting. The MVP team as a promotion from China district team, their performance is representing the second rate team with the world’s top team gap, also be of concern to the people. While the other two teams FaZe and FlipSid3 is undoubtedly ranked the world’s top 20 teams. Group C: Navi, Tyloo, Astralis, Heroic most of our attention to group C! At the SL i-League finals, China the strongest, the most popular Tyloo team will play against top teams Navi in their opening game, this will be the second time they played since the MLG Malmo station! Huang melon in DH masters with ACE out of TYLOO Tyloo team and powerful teams in the world seems still very good, the last to the DH masters is the series of LG, Liquid, Navi in other European teams, finally fell in the Navi gun. Until now, GuadiaN on the Mirage with a shot AWP five kill out of the scene of the Tyloo is still a long time can not forget. Today, they once again met the old rival Navi, Heroic (former TeamX). They can go beyond self – a shame before the snow? This is really very much looking forward to D group: EnVyUs, Cloud9, VP, VG.Cyberzen another Chinese team VG.Cyberzen settled in the D group. As China’s brother VG.Cyberzen, in their home has many fans, also eagerly wait for bearing China Cser. In this group stage, they will face a very strong enemy. Whether it is on the ESL Pro League big glory of the Cloud9 team, or former SL I League champion VP team with the traditional giants EnVyUs clan!相关的主题文章: