Sino foreign cooperation in running schools two years did not get a diploma in English unfccc

Sino foreign cooperative education: graduated two years did not get the Diploma in British provinces Vocational College toudangxian three batch Toudang line to know the university volunteer volunteer hall get rid of sorting three errors at the 23 essential terms of voluntary volunteer college entrance examination ranking positioning method of combat skills how to choose the university discipline and professional enrollment data reference University ranking selection university admission display ranking key recommendation the test for colleges in school to learn what professional volunteer candidates with the three step to query the Beijing Business School of business and finance professional admissions, four years after graduation in addition to get secondary school diploma, but also to get the British occupation education diploma. However, it took two years to finish the graduation of students who have spent extra tuition, but they have never seen the sign of "foreign certificate". The answer is given by the students did not finish the homework, so I can not ask the British experts to review and certification, but the answer to the 6 students have completed work to accept. Yesterday, the school direction of the Beijing morning news reporter, said, is trying to get a certificate for 6 students. Student 1: "double certificate" professional only to get a permit is Bai Jie Beijing business school 2010 class commercial and financial professional students, "2014 graduate, I should get a" double certificate ", is a common secondary school graduation certificate, the other is a British occupation education diplomas awarded. But now two years have passed, and the English certificate has not yet been seen." Bai Jie said that 6 years ago he graduated from junior high school, chose the opportunity to take the double card. "The school publicity that the profession is a British joint." General secondary school tuition for one year is 1800 yuan, while the commercial and financial professional in English by the need to pay an additional 1600 yuan a year tuition. In 2014, Bai Jie graduated from Beijing business school, through a single test single admission to the Beijing Vocational College of Finance and Commerce, this school is a junior. He told the Beijing morning news reporters, the British occupation education diploma school promised to me has been basically useless, "I’m looking for work now certainly a college degree, but the question is what the school charged tuition, but even don’t give us a diploma?" Student 2: just take the certificate in Vocational job and white Jie classmate Zhou Hao after graduating in 2014 did not continue reading, but start looking for a job. Low education, employment pressure, let Zhou Hao around the wall, sitting at home for more than 4 months before the first to find a job. Zhou Hao said that he had read the school that the job is a big problem, so I would rather pay a tuition fee, I did not expect that, after four years without card, "I am looking for work and employers say I majored in British schools and jointly, but did not get a certificate later, you never mentioned." During this period, Zhou Hao also went to the school to ask, the answer is always "waiting"". The last no one "foreign card" to see the Beijing morning news reporter from Bai Jie retained a 2010 Beijing business school, the professional school for four years, "completed 16 courses, complete homework, can achieve a qualified business Technology Education Council (BTEC) occupation education graduation certificate the". In addition, from the Min相关的主题文章: