Shaanxi employing units issued false recruitment information can be fined 10 thousand yuan (video) marie digby

Shaanxi: the employer issued false employment information can be fined up to 10 thousand yuan in real recruitment, if issued recruitment announcement time, exist in the process of secret operations, job seekers can’t participate in fair recruitment activities in the country? Human resources services to the recruitment in the name of profiteering? Yesterday, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress submitted to the consideration of the Shaanxi provincial human resources market regulations (Draft Amendment), which made it clear that the provisions of the twenty-ninth. At the age of 16 can participate in the draft amendments to the provisions of the draft, the workers over 16 years of age, have the ability to work and have the desire to work, can participate in the job. When applying for a job, the employee shall truthfully provide the basic information of the individual, the valid identity certificate and the relevant knowledge and skill work experience, such as employment status, etc.. The employer shall enjoy the right of self employment, through the Recruitment Commission, human resource services, recruitment information in public media or on the Internet, and to organize the recruitment and recruitment of workers. Recruitment should include the basic situation of the employer, recruitment, job, qualifications, type of employment, labor remuneration, welfare, social insurance and other content, and the contact mode. Post recruitment by the public media, the deadline shall be the date of the announcement date not less than 3 days. The employee information should be confidential employers and human resource services to obtain the relevant information in recruitment activities, measures shall be taken to be confidential; the relevant identification certificates shall not detain job seekers or other certificates, nor require him to provide a guaranty or collect property to the name of the other. When an employer hires an employee, it shall sign a labor contract, and shall within 30 days in accordance with the relevant provisions of social insurance registration. After the termination of labor relations, the employer shall issue a proof of termination or termination of labor relations, and in 15 days for workers to handle the formalities for transfer of archives and social insurance, no restrictions and obstacles to mobility. False maximum penalty of 10 thousand yuan recruitment information in recruitment activities, the employer or the human resources service institutions shall not recruit workers or laborers engaged in illegal illegal activities; shall not take fraud, violence, coercion or other means of unfair competition; unauthorized disclosure, use or sale of individual workers, to provide information to the third party shall not seek illegitimate interests; recruitment pretext. Violators shall be liable to a fine of not more than 10 thousand yuan; if the circumstances are serious, the license shall be revoked or the criminal liability shall be investigated. Whoever engages in human resources service without permission shall be banned by the administrative department of human resources and social security at or above the county level according to law; if there is illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated and a fine of 1~5 yuan shall be imposed. The employment and recruitment information provided by the operational human resources service institutions shall be legal and authentic, and shall not issue false or misleading information. Otherwise, you can be fined 5000~10000 yuan, serious revocation of license. The job fairs held by the public employment and personnel service agencies and public welfare employment service institutions shall not be charged to the workers. Note: video only for extended reading. Online recruitment false information candidates cautious相关的主题文章: