Science and technology innovation drives China’s economic transition ca1835

"Technological innovation" China driven economic transition — science and technology — released the latest 2016 global innovation index, China first among the world’s top 25 most innovative economies sony. Previously, highly developed economies have been dominant in the index, China’s rise is also seen as a landmark event in the field of global innovation. The director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization Ghauri evaluation, historically, innovation to enhance the China range is not surprising, until 1800, China science and technology is still in a prominent position, "China innovation is a renaissance". Admittedly, in the pattern of the face of a slowing global economy, science and technology innovation has become the new engine of economic development, but also represents the core competitiveness of the country, and the world’s major economies are strengthening innovation deployment. Which has been labeled "lack of innovation" label is also China or that is make only superficial changes, finish it in the hundreds of years before the mission. In recent years, China has become a leader in the field of technology, from the followers of the leading countries, and even the leader. At the same time, China’s scientific and technological innovation is also constantly improving the quality of research and development in some areas of technology has been recognized by the world. In the field of basic research, Chinese scientists have made a large number of major original achievements in quantum communication, neutrino oscillation and structural biology; strategy in high technology field, China also emerged in manned space flight, manned diving, supercomputing, earth observation satellite, Beidou navigation, aircraft and other major achievement is fruitful. At the same time, the birth of a number of science and technology enterprises, but also to "science and technology" on the words of this high and people’s daily lives become close together. The production of chip Vimicro Corp ended "China without core" of history; Alibaba continue to release the body of "innovation" has been deeply rooted in DNA; focus on communication field has HUAWEI in the world’s 100 most valuable brand rankings ranked fiftieth; even in China, many innovative companies also overseas R & D institutions…… The progress of China’s scientific and technological innovation capability is profoundly changing the global innovation landscape, global industrial division and economic structure. And this is also the China development we have seen in recent years is consistent, when the world from global manufacturing into the globalization of innovation stage, low manufacturing costs, the demographic dividend brings, has not become the advantage in economy has entered the period of the new normal, China selection driven by innovation of national economic development, will be driven by the "Chinese manufacturing" to "create Chinese" transformation of the elements of innovation. In May this year, China issued the outline of national innovation driven development strategy for the construction of science and technology innovation power depicts a roadmap and timetable. In the construction of world science and technology China horn sounded, the first science and technology innovation planning — "" 13th Five-Year "National Science and technology innovation plan" has also recently issued the "planning" is more the main battlefield for the national economy, increase the combination of technology and economy index and national science index. Highlights the innovation is the first power to lead the development of this idea, so that the scientific and Technological Innovation out of the ivory tower to support China’s transition from big to strong. China branch)相关的主题文章: